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Top Blogging Tips for Vacation Rental Managers

If you're not blogging already, why not?! You're missing out on a absolute vacation rental marketing gold mine. It is one of, if not the most valuable and inexpensive marketing tools for vacation rental managers to engage with potential guests.
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Blogging is great for SEO purposes and increasing traffic to your vacation rental website. Bearing in mind, in 2012 more than 60% of marketers who blogged monthly acquired a customer, it is definitely a marketing avenue all vacation rental managers should be going down right now.

It's one thing starting a blog, creating engaging content around your vacation rental is another. To help vacation rental managers on their way to blogging success, we have come up with 5 top blogging tips:

Do Your Research Before Vacation Rental Blogging

Before anything, it is important to remember not to create posts that are purely promotional. Informative content will go much further than a sales pitch so bear that in mind when coming up with blog ideas.

An important part of the blogging process is conducting some much needed research. Although it may seem time consuming, sparing an hour or so on researching existing online content will help you to shape your own ideas and organize a blog posting schedule; saving you time in the long run. That way when it comes to creating content on your vacation rental, you will have a whole bank of ideas to choose from. Break down that brick wall before you arrive at it!

Keep Your Content Fresh

In a recent survey by Hubspot, it was found that 92% of companies who blogged multiple times a day acquired a customer through their blog. Although posting that often could be unrealistic for vacation rental managers, it does put things into perspective. By posting regularly (2-3 times a week), you can create links back to your vacation rental website and therefore increase traffic. The more you post, the more chance you have of acquiring a guest - it's simple.

Be Creative With Your Delivery

Writing large of amounts of text may deter visitors on your vacation rental blog from actually reading your beautiful content. There are many ways you can deliver a blog post with creativity e.g. break up paragraphs of text with images, include charts for statistics or create easily digestable top 10 lists.

Watch Out For Copyright Images

If you're not using your own beautiful images of your properties in the posts, make sure that you are not using a copyrighted image as it could land you in hot water. An excellent image search tool that can help you distinguish which photos can be used commercially is Compfight. It searches through images on Flickr that have a Creative Commons licence that don't breach copyright laws.

Share On Social Media

Social media networks are excellent platforms for sharing blog content and increasing traffic to your website. So if you have Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn accounts, be sure to share your beautiful blog posts with your followers. Not only will it encourage engagement with previous guests, hashtagging allows you to share with a wider audience, linking back to your website.

Is Your Vacation Rental Blogging in Shape?

If you need help with your SEO, Social Media or a beautiful vacation rental website, our experts can help. Request a demo from our website or call us directly: +34 512 702 104

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