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Top 5 perks you can add to your VR today!

Quick and easy ways to pleasantly surprise your guests.

Everyone loves unexpected perks. In the days of various extra charges being applied by airlines and hotels, travellers can sometimes feel like they are at the mercy of companies and hotels. That any extra services or amenities come with costs to be endured. So imagine being given something extra, that you weren't expecting, and don’t have to pay extra for. Not only can you improve your guests’ holidays but you will also see your reputation and on-line ratings improve as your guests are more than just pleasantly surprised by your property and service.

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Vacation rentals have managed to garner a reputation for providing excellent value for money. They offer spacious properties in great areas. But more than that, they offer a great chance to experience life in that area. They are removed from the cosseted environments of traditional tourist accommodation. You can live as a local and enjoy the personal touch and recommendations of the owners of the property.

As well as these advantages you can continue to provide special and personal experiences by making additions and improvements wherever possible. You have the opportunity to find new ways to make your property stand out and be an even more enjoyable place to stay.

Today we discuss some quick and easy additions you can make to give your property a few extra perks.

A great way to get around an unfamiliar city. No licenses or paperwork required, all you need is a couple of strong locks and some helmets. Include some maps of good routes and cycle lanes or places of interest to visit.

Sports Equipment
If you have some outdoor space, let your guests enjoy it. Sports equipment will be great for kids and adults that like the outdoors. The more parts of your property that can be enjoyed, the better.

Perfect for families. Scrabble, or Monopoly can cause some heated arguments at times, but a rainy afternoon can be saved by having a few options for things to do indoors. Even just a pack of cards could keep children occupied or could be the start of a whiskey and cigars poker night.

Music / Instruments
Although there is the potential to annoy the neighbours, providing speakers or instruments for your more musically inclined guests would be a wonderful perk. This could be just leaving instructions and cables for people to play music from their phones through speakers.

Remember to remind your guests of the noise limits of your flat and if you live in a shared building, it may not be wise to install a drum kit.

Books and Films
This is also a way to inject some of your personality into your business. If you left a few personal favourites for your guests to enjoy in quieter moments it can add a special touch to their trip.

It also shows a little bit of who you are behind your business.  This will help to create a relationship between your brand and your customers. You could even theme some of these titles to fit in with your property. Imagine reading Captain Corelli's Mandolin for the first time on the shores of a Greek island, or Sherlock Holmes in a Baker Street flat.

These are relatively inexpensive ways to add a little extra to your property. You can list them on your website or leave them as a small extra to go above and beyond the expectations of your guests. Think about what you enjoy doing on holiday and see if you can offer the same experience to your guests. Even if they are not used, the thought and the planning will always be appreciated. They will see that you have done things to make your property individual, personal and fun.

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