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Today in Vacay: Millennial Traveler Edition

We created the Today in Vacay series to keep readers up-to-date on the rapidly changing trends and updates impacting the vacation rental space. This edition focuses specifically on the millennial traveler.

Here’s what’s happening Today in Vacay:

1. More means more

“More” is the big takeaway from a first-of-its-kind study of the millennial traveler conducted by the American Society of Travel Agents, as reported in the Boston Globe.

They found that millennials take more vacations than any other generation. In fact, the average millennial took 32 percent more vacations in 2016 than the average Gen Xer, and 44 percent more than the average Baby Boomer.

The study also confirmed what many in the vacation industry have been saying for some time: millennials prefer more unique locations and experiences. “They might want to relax in Puerto Rico but prefer Vieques to San Juan. If they choose to dance in the clubs in Mykonos this summer, they also want to visit more low-key Greek islands like Paros and Antiparos,” said Steve Jermanok of ActiveTravels in the Boston Globe article.

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2. Where in the world is Gypsea Lust?

Imagine being paid for exotic vacation travel in exchange for promoting vacation properties and products. Millennials are making a career of it, and no one does it better than Gypsea Lust.

The 24-year old beauty, whose real name is Lauren Bellen, hails from NSW Australia. But don’t look for her there. Try Bora Bora, where she vacationed in late May 2017, courtesy of Tahiti Tourism Australia. Or her home base in Bali, where she modeled a sweet jumpsuit from fashion house Mr. Zimi earlier in the month. Or Abu Dhabi, where she stayed as a guest of the Anatara Beach Villas and Ritz Carlton in April.

With 1.7 million Instagram followers, it’s no wonder that so many vacation marketers seek out her endorsement. Her photos and commentary make their properties and products even more awesome!

3. For the millennial traveler, technology is the new mani-pedi

If a guest wanted a mani-pedi, you would ensure they got a great one, right? You know that they measure the quality of their stay by the memories they take home. Millennials have a different measure: the quality of technology in their accommodations. They’re used to a certain level of 21st century electronic amenities, and they expect the same or even better during their vacation stay.

For example, more than half of millennials say the availability of free Wi-Fi in a hotel “plays a big role” in their decision whether to stay at that property. That’s partly because so many of them work through their vacations—their careers are hanging on your internet access. Another reason is that they love to share their experiences on social media. No Wi-Fi means a lot less sharing.

Another quarter of millennials report that they would like smart home features, like a smart TV, stereo or security system (door locks/video doorbells/garage door opener).

Whether your properties are 21st-century friendly or you’re planning upgrades, it’s important to remember that technology requires special kinds of maintenance. For solutions to keep your technology investment operating smoothly, check out Kigo maintenance management.

Stay tuned for more vacation rental news updates from Today in Vacay!

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