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Today in Vacay: Vacation Rental Management Success Tips

We created the Today in Vacay series to keep readers up-to-date on the rapidly changing trends and updates impacting the vacation rental management space.

Here’s to building your business just the way you want in 2018.  Consider these ideas as you plan:

Repurposing for results

What do old barns, idle factories, former churches and forgotten historical monuments have in common? They are all being converted into vacation rental properties in what is one of the hottest global trends in the industry! Today’s traveler, looking for an experience rather than just a place to stay, is driving the conversion craze. But not every old property has the potential to be profitable. There are a number of factors to consider. Take budget, for example. How much will it cost to add water, a kitchen and heating/cooling capabilities? Character is another issue. People are looking for charming settings. Will that abandoned meat packing factory look inviting after its makeover, or will it just be putting lipstick on a pig? It all depends on the property. But the excitement of making the old new again—and making profits—could make it worthwhile for you to check out some unloved properties in your neck of the woods.

Sending the right signals

Are your properties scaring guests away? If you have photographs in your listings that are less than beautiful, you could turn off travelers looking for a visually pleasing visit. If your regulations seem a bit too restrictive, vacationers might look elsewhere for a place to relax. You need to communicate to prospective guests that your place is THE place for them. Showcase the best features of your properties with beautiful photos and great vacation rental websites.

Soaring profits

You’ve seen all those ads for flying drones with cameras as the perfect holiday gift, right? Put one on your shopping list, because it might be the perfect holiday gift for your business. Imagine thrilling photos of your properties taken from above! Your houses and apartments pictured in sweeping angles, throwing dramatic shadows on the landscape. It’s a hot trend in the industry because it highlights the uniqueness of vacation properties in a whole new way. It might just fly for your business, too.

Stay tuned for more vacation rental news updates from Today in Vacay!

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