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Today in Vacay: Summer Vacation Rental Maintenance Edition

The vacation rental industry booming—and is projected to hit $193.89 Billion by 2021. We created this series to keep readers up-to-date on the rapidly changing trends and updates impacting the space. Stay up-to-date on what’s happening Today in Vacay!

It’s high season in the Northern Hemisphere, but with all the sunshine, warmth and happy guests come all sorts of unique maintenance issues.

Here are a few vacation rental maintenance mandatories to consider:

1. Win the war on pests

Insects are the unwelcome guests at your properties. Did you know you can keep them out with eco-friendly methods? They’re tough on bugs but safer for the guests you actually invite.

For example, a little ground cinnamon near entry points for ants keeps them out of your property. They just don’t like the smell. Their loss.

You can also keep ants away with a mint barrier. Plant some peppermint and spearmint around your home, and you should see a big drop in ant populations. And the aromas from fresh mint plants are delightful!

There’s eco-friendly technology available too, like porch lights that double as bug zappers.

Try some of these earth-friendly deterrents. The bugs won’t like it. But your guests will love you.

2. Keep your cool

How do you help your guests stay cool? Air conditioning? Ceiling fans? Be sure your cool tools are summer ready.

You might not think about which way your ceiling fans turn. But it turns out that ceiling fans do their best cooling in summer when they rotate counterclockwise! Be sure to change their direction when the hot months come.

Air conditioning maintenance is also critically important. You need to be testing the cooling capacity each time you make ready for new guests. For example, it doesn’t take long for air-conditioning filters to pick up dust, which lowers performance significantly. Your staff should be checking the filters for dust regularly. Coolant leaks are another potential problem. Have your most trusted vacation rental maintenance staff at the ready with your Kigo Operations Manager calendar.

vacation rental maintenance

 3. Maintain pool cleanliness

Property managers with swimming pools need to be extra vigilant. A new survey shows that more than half of adults rarely or never shower before jumping in the pool, and about 60% admit to swallowing pool water.

That’s not good news, because certain parasites can last for days in well-chlorinated water. And can make people sick.

What to do? Give your guests a reminder that taking a shower before swimming is an absolute must. And consider a hyperchlorination treatment from your pool maintenance company after a guest’s stay. Put it on your Kigo Operations Manager calendar today, and rest easy that your guests will enjoy great health and a great visit!

Stay tuned for more vacation rental news updates from Today in Vacay!

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