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Three must read vacation rental blogs!

We are consistently writing blogs to help you increase bookings for your vacation rental businesses, by writing these blogs we hope we are saving you time doing marketing research  by giving you the latest tips and ideas to keep your vacation rental competitive within the vacation rental market.Today we are giving you our top 3 marketing blogs as a reminder to help you fill your availability calendars.

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Top 5 Business Apps Every Property Manager Should Be Using

Expense reports, learning the latest marketing avenues, meeting clients and owners, managing our personal calendars and to-do lists. There is no denying that a vacation rental manager’s job is time intensive and any tools that can help save us time from our day-to-day tasks, brings us time to allocate towards marketing our properties and thus increasing revenue.

Here at Kigo we are very focused on ensuring property managers use the latest technology tools to save time and increase productivity. As such, this week we have researched far and wide to bring you the 5 most popular time-saving tools on the market:

How To Determine The Price Of Your Vacation Rental

Determining the price of a vacation rental can be a challenging and often stressful part of the marketing process. The price you determine will have a big impact on the property’s bookings, which unfortunately may not always be positive. Setting your price too high will decrease your bookings, while setting it too low will make you lose out on valuable profit; the key to a profitable business is finding a balance.

3 Ways to reward your loyal vacation rental guests

It’s always nice to have regular guests who use your vacation rental business to book their accommodation for their vacations time and time again. It shows your guests are happy with the service you’re providing as well as the properties you have on offer.

Whilst you have your vacation rental guest happy and satisfied. It’s always a good idea to have a loyalty scheme in place to keep them loyal on the longer term. This will also allow you to thank your guests and show your appreciation. Today we are going to give you three ideas to keep your guests from not being snatched away by your competitors!

So there you have it a reminder of just a few of our top blogs to help you increase bookings and fill up your availability calendars.

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