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Three Essential Tools for a Great Vacation Rental Guest Experience

Creating a wonderful guest experience involves a whole range of interactions that occur from their first exposure to your vacation rental website through the day they leave the property.

Here are the three essential tools you need to wow guests at each step in the process.

1. A world-class website

Your website is your face to the public, and how it looks and works have a huge impact on your success. In addition to bolstering your image, it can also act in the role of sales and marketing staff, booking agent, even accounts receivable. Everything must be smooth, elegant and professional. Booking should be easy and foolproof.

A great vacation rental property is challenging and expensive to create. But these days, there’s an alternative: Kigo website templates. Everything you need is already built in, based on what’s proven to work best in our industry. Our sites impress, inform and convert. And our Premium Websites come with all the bells and whistles – like the ability to easily drop in specials or featured properties, and a wide variety of layout options. Kigo websites are hosted in WordPress and offer advanced options for personalization. Multilingual websites are also easier than ever to set up.

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2. Contact center

You can’t afford to miss prospect calls. And with a professional Contact Center backing your people up, you won’t – even when everyone’s tied up. The Kigo Contact Center is staffed by trained sales professionals with complete information about your properties at their fingertips. They’ll provide all the help and information prospects need to make a booking decision, and even call back those who leave a phone number. They’re trained to convert inquiries into bookings. The Contact Center can more than pay for itself in preventing lost rentals; consider the boost in customer satisfaction a free bonus!

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3. Mobile guest app

Guests on vacation almost inevitably use their cell phones or other mobile devices to check reservation details, locate properties, communicate with the manager and more. Knowing this, you’ve got a great opportunity to wow them with a mobile app that makes everything from check-in to through leaving a great review a breeze. Including customized rental information and scheduled “push” emails, communicating with your team, checking in and out, extended stay or local retailer offers and more. It all looks and works great right on their mobile device, so they can handle everything conveniently. That means happier vacationers, better reviews and more repeat bookings!

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Any of the three major components of great customer service above will make a big difference in your guests’ rental experience. Get set up with all three and you’ll join the elite of the vacation rental business!

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