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This Week’s Top News for the Vacation Rental Industry

Industry-News It's a busy time of the year for some of you vacation rental managers, what with Christmas around the corner and working extra hard to fill booking calendars. To keep vacation rental managers in the know, we thought we'd compile together a digestible list of some of the news buzzing around the vacation rental industry this week.

As well as the incredibly insightful VRMA European Seminar in Bruges earlier this week which Kigo presented at, it has been an exciting 7 days for the vacation rental industry. How travel brands are using Pinterest place pins, HomeAway's plan to take vacation rentals mainstream, and Skift's new travel trend report, have taken the spotlight this week in vacation rental industry news.

Industry Buzz for December 4-11, 2013

10 VR experts conduct the perfect follow-up email

Industry expert Matt Landau's vacation rental marketing blog is an absolute goldmine for property managers. In one of his latest articles, he asks 10 vacation rental experts to come together and create the perfect follow-up email to send out to guests.

From Matt's own personal experiences, an astonishing 9 out of 10 vacation rental managers do not bother to contact him once he has checked out of their property. Bearing this statistic in mind, this post is an excellent go-to text for vacation rental managers. Look out for Kigo's input!
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Travel brands are making use of Pinterest's place pins

Pinterest introduced 'place' pins about a month ago now and in this article Tnooz have documented how travel brands are already utilizing the new feature. It includes excellent examples of how travel planning can be shaped by using Pinterest e.g AirBnB's board “Loved by Tokyoites” which allows hosts more exposure for their listings and their favourite places.

Pinterest is a great social media marketing platform for vacation rental managers as it is predominantly visual. This new take on marketing with Pinterest 'place' pins works hand in hand with the travel industry and should definitely be explored by vacation rental managers now, ahead of competitors.
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Dubai legitimizes vacation rentals

In a bid to reach Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) target of 20 million visitors annually by 2020, they are being given the authority to grant those who wish to rent out a holiday home with a license.

This is great news for the vacation rental industry as it further establishes it's growing segment of the travel industry. The DTCM's decision to allow the renting of vacation rentals will offer those wanting to holiday in Dubai with more choice, and allow vacation rental managers to grow their businesses even more so.

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HomeAway's plan to make vacation rentals mainstream

As of late HomeAway have been buying out their competitors from all over the world; it was announced this week that they purchased the Australian vacation rental company the Stayz Group for $198 million. Along with HomeAway's recent deal with Expedia to start distributing vacation rentals on their site in 2014, it is clear that they are attempting to move holiday homes away from the niche and into the mainstream.

For vacation rental managers, this move towards the mainstream is good news! However, the increased exposure to their properties will heighten competition and make it even harder for vacation rental businesses to stand out.
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Have we missed any important news articles relevant to the vacation rental industry this week? Please feel free to share your articles with us in the comment section below!

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