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The Ultimate, Extravagant VIP Vacation Rental Service

Creating an extra level of VIP service for the very top 1%


Build a new aspect to your business by offering a new standard of service that goes above and beyond what people expect from vacation rentals. Creating a new level of enjoyment for your guests, and a new income stream. Today we’re talking about offering a luxury service that can be added to a booking and the best way to advertise it to your guests. This would be a VIP package, designed to excel anything that vacation rental guests have come to expect.


It’s often said that you should aim to provide the best service to every guest  and that the customer is always right. This advice is still totally relevant. Offering VIP service is not about how you treat your guests, rather the services you offer. A VIP package should aim to just add special touches on top, in addition to, your usual level of service. It should be designed to make sure that your guests have an unforgettable experience.

Curating a VIP package that can be added to your accommodation, more akin to a five-star hotel than what people would usually expect from even the most well-managed vacation rentals does not have to be mean having squadrons of uniformed staff on retainer. Your VIP service doesn’t have to be intrusive or the silver service you might expect. It can just be certain extra services or products advertised on your website that your guests can personalise their trips with. So your guests can then choose exactly what they want, allowing them to pick the services they want, creating their own tailor-made VIP package. Here are some of the features you can add as part of your VIP service package. These are some suggestions to turn your property into the most extravagant and unique experience imaginable!


Personal Concierge Service
This is the ultimate in personal vacation service. An assistant and aid to anything you need. Local insider knowledge, deliveries, reservations and bookings. Having a personal concierge service allows your guests to have all of the services they could require, with the space and privacy of a vacation rental.


VIP Access

By speaking with local nightspots and clubs, you can organise VIP entrance and service for your nightlife-loving guests. This would be a unique chance to add an unmistakable sense of glamour and excitement to your property. It offers something that no other accommodation can.


Breakfast and Champagne Reception
This is a touch that gives your guests’ entrance a feeling of grandeur and celebration that can match a breath-taking property.


Private Chef

Having a kitchen is often a big attraction for guests choosing vacation rentals over hotels. So, what could be better than a skilled professional on hand to produce delicacies in your home? This could be added for an evening or for the entire stay.



A personal driver to navigate the city is straying towards the territory of royalty rather than just your average VIP. Speak to a local company to negotiate favourable rates in exchange for promotion to your all guests.


Laundry and Dry Cleaning

Guests don’t want to spend their holiday pressing, folding and ironing. The option for pickup and drop off of dry cleaning is a simple touch that adds 5-star luxury to your property.


Airport Pick-Up
Arriving from a flight, tired haven’t we all dreamt that one of the be-suited chauffeurs was holding a sign with our name on, ready to whisk us into the city, or to the property in minutes. No cramped and hot airport train, and you go from door to door.


Late Check Out

Nothing spoils a VIP atmosphere like having to scramble, pack and leave a property early, with luggage in tow. VIP service is about giving your guests the choices and freedom to do things on their own terms and at a leisurely pace.


With Kigo’s websites, you can build these offers into your dynamic pricing or add content to advertise and promote them to your guests.


This level of service is perfectly suited for special occasions and can be recommended to your guests celebrating an occasion such as a wedding or an anniversary, or people surprising loved ones on a trip. By offering services, you are opening up potential new revenue streams without the potential to lose money on unsold items. If your guests opt in then you can include these items or services, if not then you lose nothing. If you need time to prepare these touches or order certain products then make them only available in advance.  Optional extras such as these have been built into the business models of airlines and hotels for years and are often more lucrative than the initial booking or purchase.


These are just some of the ways you can curate an extra-special VIP package that guests can add to their trip to make it truly out of the ordinary. They will build value into your business model, increase your revenue, allow you guests to personalise their trip and create their perfect trip.
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