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The Small Investment That Will Transform Your Marketing

Vacation rental businesses are so suited to video content marketing, but it can be expensive and technical to get right. You can take people on tours of your property in just a few seconds, show off the areas your property is in and really draw in guests through your marketing and social media. So, why are so few vacation rental managers utilizing video content?

Cost and difficulty have been barriers for many. Equipment and technical know-how can involve a big investment in time and money that property managers may not want to gamble with.

However, the last decade has meant that almost anyone can film, edit and host videos with nothing more than the standard tools of a modern business. Youtube, online editing and effects mean that you can even brand them to fit your business and post them on your site with a minimal amount of effort.

Waterproof, damage proof and simple enough for anyone to use. A GoPro camera is a tool you can invest in that can add an exciting new dimension to your marketing and website content. Whilst other equipment is available, this camera seems perfectly suited to the busy and hectic day to day lives of a vacation rental manager.


Having a cache of video content will help you build a brand channel and people will become more familiar with your business. Your name will stick and people will return to your business year after year. We’ve seen how Facebook, then Instagram dominated images. The next step is video content. This is the next level for website content and vacation rental managers are in the perfect position to take advantage of this. With Kigo websites, you can even embed video into your pages, meaning your guests are taken into your property as soon as they click.

This article from the New York times explains succinctly why video is a great idea for small businesses:

"Online video is becoming the first stop for many customers. It is akin to what the Web page was a decade ago — something that can give early adopters an edge over competitors. It gives them a channel to talk directly to customers in ways previously accessible only to large companies that could afford TV advertisements."

And more than just creating video tours of your property, GoPro cameras will allow you show off your destination. You can affix one to a car. A surfboard. You can throw it in the sea. Take it bungee jumping. The more original and remarkable you can make your videos, the more reach you will be to gather. With the right videos, you can attract guests that come just to see your videos, the thumbnails and descriptions will draw people in and you will have the perfect chance to link back to your business. You can get some inspiration from some of the world’s best Gopro videos here.

And once you start sharing videos, you can get your guests to start contributing user-generated content, too. As a service you could offer, you could provide guests with your camera for use on their vacation.They could film their activities, creating a lasting memory and interesting souvenir that they can download once they are home. You can then encourage your guests to share these videos on your social media pages and website. Content from your guests will be like a glowing review as well as powerful advertising content. You simply hand the camera to your guests and they will return high-quality video, that they are eager to share, always featuring your properties, your area and your customers enjoying their vacation with your business. This will advertise your destinations to their friends and family with a possible reach of thousands. The fact that guests are sharing their experiences with your business is a ringing endorsement. It is the most effective form of advertising and, what's more, after the initial investment, it’s free! You are adding a small feature to your properties that your guests can enjoy, whilst creating fresh, exciting, evergreen content that come with implicit customer recommendations. It is more relatable and does more to connect with other guests than even scripted and polished video content.

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