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The Power of Location and Unique Experiences in Vacation Property Management

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Ido Feldman is the founder of Tripedia - the trip encyclopedia. We recently asked Ido for his insight on travel accommodations around the world and what vacation property managers need to know to make their accommodations more appealing to seasoned travelers. Here's what he shared:

Tell us about the mission behind What sets your site apart from other travel sites? gives you an insight into the world of travel. It is not just meant for avid travelers but for anyone who is in search of places to travel around the world. We have a wide range of places covered on our website and you will be able to find details of various unknown places in the world. We don't just focus on famous destinations and our aim is to cover beautiful, unique places that are known to locals. We constantly update our website so that readers get to know more and more about different places.

What amenities and/or features do you find travelers are interested in when it comes to where they stay in any given destination?

The location of the accommodation and the nearby attractions are the key features when it comes to selecting accommodation during travel. Many travelers go to a certain place so they can visit and experience the real culture of the certain country/city. It is weird for many people to go to a five-star resort in another country and just stay around the pool for five days. Adventurous tourists prefer to book accommodations around the downtowns and visit attractions, as well the market area.

What seems to turn travelers off where accommodations are concerned? What do frequent travelers avoid?

Poor management and ill-mannered staff tend to turn travelers off. The ambiance and feel of the accommodation and the surrounding areas also play a role when travelers select a place to stay. They usually avoid very congested places as well as places that are located far away from public transportation.

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How can vacation rental property owners use sites like Tripedia to get a better understanding of what travelers are looking for in their lodging options?

We have nice networking when it comes to our social media handles and pages. Our readers interact and discuss their views in the comments section. Thus, our comments are a great source of help to the vacation rental property owners as they can easily understand the traveler's needs.

Where have been your favorite destinations to visit in your own travels? What sets them apart?

I absolutely love traveling, and I totally lose myself to the culture of the particular places I visit. I love interacting with locals and it is always fun to visit small localities and lanes. Still, I can say that I highly recommend Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Northern Great Britain, Southern Europe, Western Asia and Central America.

Can you share an anecdote about travel accommodations that offered an especially unique and/or impressive experience? What the rental apart?

Once I went to an accommodation in Croatia where I was able to stay with a local family for a night. I also visited a place in Iceland where the owner brought the guests on a free tour around the mountains. I have had great experiences in Turkish hotels (where the owners try to become your friends), Bulgarian hotels (even if the hotel is small, you will have a once in a lifetime experience), Finnish and Russian cabins that make you feel like a real adventurer, and many more.

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