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The Benefits of Offering Free Wifi at a Vacation Rental

Since we are now living in the digital age, it is important for vacation rental managers to recognise this shift and update the property accordingly. Laptops and mobile devices are everywhere, they are fast becoming an essential to everyday life and the ultimate traveling companions. Although some vacationers may want to escape technology whilst holidaying, many guests will benefit from wifi for checking personal or work emails, social networking and keeping up-to-date with news.

Vacationers traveling from abroad won't want to pay for costly mobile network roaming charges; installing wifi into a vacation rental is not only easy and inexpensive, it will appeal to a larger portion of vacationers, which means more bookings!

Are you considering installing wifi into your vacation rental? Here are 4 benefits that will help you decide:

Social Media

Since 50% of U.S Travelers update their social networks with trip-related posts; enabling wifi will increase exposure to the property. It has almost become a habit for people to log into their social networks on a daily basis which is not likely going to change whilst they are holidaying.

Not only will it keep your guests pleased, enabling wifi at the property is an excellent referral marketing opportunity. Go that extra mile for your guests and they will share their experiences to friends and family through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter; which will in turn increase booking chances.

Stay Connected to Work

Not everyone can completely disconnect themselves from work and may need to check in now and then. Offering free wifi is a real advantage to not only business travelers but to those on a family holiday that are unable to completely leave their work behind for a week or two.

Additionally, wifi can be quite costly for business travelers staying at hotels, adding free wifi to your city apartment rental will give you that competitive edge.

Go-to Guide for Local Attractions

Creating a welcome hamper including a guide to local attractions or discount coupons to local restaurants, is an excellent way of setting a strong customer service standard. Providing wifi will show that you have gone that extra mile.

The internet is a huge go-to guide for absolutely anything and guests will most likely Google any local attractions/restaurants for more information before deciding on whether to visit. Guests can find out reviews, opening hours, how to get there etc. to places you have recommended. Also, make sure you include the wifi password and any connectivity information in the welcome hamper.

Schedule Welcome Emails

As you will have the guests' check-in information and their estimated time of arrival, schedule a welcome email around that time so they receive it as soon as they pick up the free wifi.

A friendly welcome email providing any additional information for their stay at the vacation rental will set a great first impression and work towards being referred to friend and family. There's no need to worry about pausing your day to compose emails, an email automation tool can easily take care of scheduling emails so that you never miss a check-in.

There you have it, 4 benefits of offering free wifi at a vacation rental. We hope we have helped you decide! Please feel free to share this post, add any comments or more benefits in the comment section below:

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