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Taming the Operations Demogorgon: Lessons Learned from Stranger Things 2

This season's original Netflix drama Stranger Things 2 has captivated viewers across the globe. In the science-fiction series set in the 1980's, a group of kids team up to fight the Demogorgon, a monster that threatens to wreak havoc on their town. The plot line is filled with unexpected, and often scary, twists and turns. We couldn't help but draw a few parallels to the vacation rental industry.

So what exactly can a vacation rental manager learn from a fictional television series? More than you would expect.

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You’ve seen it. You’ve fought it, time and again. Like the Demogorgon began to to take over Will Byers on Stranger Things 2, the Operations Demogorgon has an insatiable appetite for your time that threatens to take over your life if you don't defeat it. And it grows bigger as your business grows.

How do you stop it? You can’t defeat it by simply hiring more employees. Not if you’re mired, like most managers, in the day-to-day details of operations.

Here are a few ways vacation rental software can help:

Keeping the operations demogorgon from killing your business

Are you repeating the same instructions to office staff, maintenance providers and housekeeping teams over and over? Do they mow the lawn and edge the grass just how you asked? Do they replace the soaps and put them in the right places? Do you have to double check that there’s a full stack of coffee pods next to the Keurig?

You might be handling different details, but one thing is certain: there are thousands of them in the day. You have to handle them all so nothing falls through the cracks, because you know that any little slip-up is a chance for the Operations Demogorgon to take a bite out of your business—and spoil your guests’ experience, too. Your productivity suffers. And there’s no end in sight, because there are always more details. But you can tame the beast by slicing the time you spend handling your operations processes. This is where operations maintenance can help you save the day.

Now, you can automate your communications, monitoring and reporting. Get a clear and complete overview of your operations on a user-friendly dashboard that lets you monitor daily progress with ease. With Kigo’s operations management software, you can communicate with your onsite staff in real-time, dispatch maintenance providers easily and schedule service when it’s least distracting to guests, all while monitoring costs. Result: You keep the details under control while saving up to 20 hours per week. Your existing staff is more efficient and satisfied. And your guests are happier because they’re enjoying a better experience. The only one disappointed will be the Operations Demogorgon.

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Saving your guests before it's too late

Your reservation system is a favorite haunt of the Operations Demogorgon because it can grab potential guests for a snack. Even companies with the best vacation rental websites and great advertising often struggle with getting the people power to answer all of the calls and emails they receive from prospective guests. In fact, over 20% of booking calls go unanswered because office staff is too busy handling all the day-to-day details. Without the right support to handle new business coming in, you’re just using your marketing spend to feed the Operations Demogorgon. An online reservation software provides one seamless, smooth-running system to manage all online bookings.

Rescuing your staff with vacation rental software

With Kigo as your secret weapon against the Operations Demogorgon, you get one giant benefit: time. More time to devote to important tasks, like focusing on your guests’ experience, and building your business. Time spent more productively, instead of fighting the monster of a thousand details. So why not starve the demogorgon and feed your business instead? With Kigo on your side, you can save the day.

While the creatures and characters in Stranger Things 2 are simply figments of our imaginations, the need to get vacation rental operations right is as real as it gets.

Get a free demo of Kigo's vacation rental software solutions today, and let us help you defeat the Operations Demogorgon.

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