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How to Promote Your Vacation Rental with Industry Statistics

TripAdvisor LogoIt’s good to be a vacation rental agency right about now. According to the annual vacation rental survey conducted by TripAdvisor in the US, nearly half of respondents have or plan to stay in a vacation rental in 2013. This is a nice and steady increase from 46% in 2012 and 40% in 2011.

Reading reports and statistics on the increase in vacation rental demand is great, but from a business perspective it’s important to take a dive into the TripAdvisor report and mine out marketing takeaways. Below we have outlined key points that survey respondents shared through the survey, and how you can promote your vacation rental agency by adding these points to your marketing messages:

Features to Promote

Survey respondents were asked what would make them choose a vacation rental over a hotel. Below are the top 5 reasons a guest would choose your vacation rental property over a hotel:
vacation rental statistics
These points can be turned into great marketing keywords! Make sure your website, email blasts and other marketing campaigns promote the above benefits to potential guests.


The largest target market for vacation rental agencies appear to be families and group travellers.
vacation rental home statistics
Make sure you website has content and images that make family and large group bookers feel like your properties cater to their exact needs.

Renter Preferences:

What aspects of your property are you marketing on your listing description? What we think is a great selling point, might not always be what is important for renters. Below are the top features renters look for and like when it comes to vacation rental properties:
vacation rental home statistics
Peak Times:

It is imperative to be prepared for peak seasons with marketing campaigns that are planned well ahead of time. It is always a good idea to test out the best fitting pricing model and implement dynamic pricing for the following peak seasons:

In 2013, 37 percent of survey respondents say they plan to stay at a rental property for at least a week.  Summer is the most popular vacation season, with 54 percent of travellers planning rental home stays between June and August, followed by 41 percent of respondents planning trips this fall (between September to November).

Best of all, during these peak seasons, if your properties are all booked, you can increase your profit by promoting external properties on your website through a vacation rental channel manager. You can also do the opposite by having other agencies promote your properties when bookings are low.


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