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Seven Energy Efficient Solar Upgrades for Your Vacation Rental Property

There are many different ways that you can upgrade a property with energy efficient outdoor items. Add security and save on your overall energy expenses by choosing the latest technology in energy savings and solar upgrades.

Here are seven energy efficient solar upgrades that can brighten up your outdoor spaces and result in significant savings in overhead energy costs.

1. Solar pathway lighting

Many properties have paths, trails, or sidewalks that guests use multiple times a day. Installing simple solar lighting at the edge of a walkway will not only increase guest safety but will also provide an important upgrade to the property’s overall look. These energy efficient lights collect solar energy during the day on top of the device and then use that energy to provide a soft light once it gets dark. Purchase solar pathway lighting that also has a built in stake at the bottom, making it easy to install in your property.

2. Solar security lights

Every property has areas that need extra lighting for security reasons. Adding a solar security light that also features LED bulbs will help to create a safe and secure atmosphere for residents while also cutting down on electricity costs. LED lighting is brighter than traditional bulbs and will last longer than other bulb options. Check out the popular Litom LED Motion Sensor Light that features an added motion sensor that will turn on when the light detects movement.

3. Solar patio lights

Creating ambiance in a patio area can give a big boost to outdoor spaces. You can create this by quickly install hanging patio lights that are solar powered. Drape them over a pergola, along a fence line, or over a courtyard to create instant added value.

There are many styles of patio lights including bulbs, ropes, and twinkle options. Purchasing a solar powered option will reduce energy costs and take away the need for unsightly extensions cords.

4. LED post caps

If your property has stairs that lead to the front or back door, installing an LED post cap can be a much appreciated addition. These post caps sit on top of the post at the bottom or top of a stairway and use solar energy to create light at night. They increase safety by lighting the stairs, which can be hard to see in the dark. They come in many different finishes and will also protect the post itself from rain damage.

5. LED house numbers

Have you ever tried to find someone’s house number at night? Add LED house numbers to your property to make it easy for people to find day or night. These special back lit numbers need to be plugged in, but the LED bulbs will save energy. Make sure that your property is easy to find, especially in an emergency, by adding this easy-to-install upgrade.

6. Solar pond pump

If your property features a pond or running water, consider purchasing a solar pond pump that will continuously circulate water. This Gofurther Solar Panel Water Pump can be installed in ponds or in a bird bath and will run water throughout the water feature. A solar pond pump will add oxygen to water features with the added bonus of creating a peaceful garden atmosphere. It will also deter mosquitoes from laying eggs in the water as it breaks the surface tension of outdoor water features.

7. Solar water barrel system

Man-made irrigation is one of the largest negative impacts lawn care has on the environment, according to a post by LawnStarter. Using a solar powered watering system like this Bosmere option allows rain water in water barrels to be distributed to plants automatically. It also detects the weather and will not over-water plants that have been in recent storms. The system is easy to install and saves water as well as energy in dispersing the right amount of moisture to garden plants when needed.

There are many options and ways to save money with energy efficient solar upgrades. New technology has increased the value and ways that you can add solar powered upgrades to create a safe and secure outdoor space.

James Witts is an eco-conscious home improvement writer. He is constantly trying to find new ways to live off the grid and save as much money and energy as he can, while living in a tiny home with his wife.

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