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Responsible Renting.

How you can make sure your vacation rentals are part of the solution.
Tourist accommodation, particularly in urban areas is coming increasingly under fire for being detrimental to the area and people surrounding it. Tourists can be loud, stay out late and attract crime. Have you ever been about to drift off before an early start just as a party starts up next door?


People In San Fransisco have. Upset by an ever-changing rosta of neighbours in their buildings, community groups have taken to the streets to make their voices heard, in extreme cases sparking forced evictions or vandalism of properties. Residents in Barcelona were also pushed to protest after a trio of naked Italian men paraded the streets. Their concern is shared; they argue that tourists are taking more than souvenirs from the cities they visit, that the increased opportunities for travel and tourism are spoiling the cities for the people that live there. But what can be done?

Experienced vacation rental owners will tell you that staying successful involves more than just collecting bookings and handing over keys. As an owner you have a responsibility to ensure that your business is sustainable by being part of the cultural framework that makes your city or destination great.

Rather than just limiting the damage done, rental managers are now in the unique position of being able switch from doing the least harm, to doing the most good. Read our tips on how to reduce your impact that will enhance your guests’ holidays and keep your bookings coming in.

  • Keep in touch with your neighbours. If they have a concern make sure that there is always the option to contact you first, you will be surprised how minor grievances can spiral into major problems if left unchecked.
  • Encourage recycling with clearly marked bins in your apartment- people new to the area may not be familiar with the process or areas for recycling so make it easy for them and help keep your business green.
  • Advise your guests on the rules of the building or apartment block regarding pets, smoking etc. at the time of booking. Clear guidelines and expectations will ensure that there are fewer problems during their stay.
  • Offer recommendations to local businesses that may not benefit from tourism in other ways. New cities can be daunting for anyone and a small local restaurant or craftsman may miss out due to the familiarity of big brands. Some local knowledge can also really enrich your guests´trip and help your business to grow.
  • Leave a phrasebook or some language tips for your visitors. A few words of the local language will go a long way in helping visitors and locals interact.
  • Safety is a big concern for residents - particularly in shared apartments. Make sure your guests are familiar with the locks for any communal space and remind them not to let strangers in. This not only ensures the security of the building but makes sure your guest’s trip isn't spoilt by a robbery or break-in.
  • Noise - Having clear guidelines, particularly mid-week, and keeping late night arrivals to a minimum will keep complaints down. Residents’ lives operate on a different schedule to holiday makers and will not want to be disturbed.

Just as Carbon-neutral tourism reduces our impact on the environment, taking some easy steps can reduce the social impact of tourism on our cities and keep them individual and special places both to live and to visit.Overall, your job is to make sure your guests have an unforgettable stay and want to return, nothing will help this happen more than helping to make sure that they are leaving a more exciting and dynamic place behind them.

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