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Productivity: It’s About Time

Time. It’s precious. And problematic. You want as much time as you can get to run your vacation rental management company productively. In fact, time is the one resource you need most to boost productivity. But there’s never enough time. And you can’t make more of it.

Think of the time you spend right now, day in, day out. Like organizing your manpower resources to keep your properties guest-ready. Or answering phone calls and emails from prospects to generate bookings. That’s the big stuff, and you rightly devote the time it takes to handle it. But inside the big stuff are thousands of “little” items, all screaming for your attention.

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The value of time in vacation rental management

Take operations, for example. Are you repeating the same instructions to your staff over and over? Is your lawn maintenance provider edging the grass just how you asked? Do you have to double check to make sure there’s a full stack of coffee pods next to the Keurig in every unit?

You run into a similar situation with booking and reservations. Can you answer every call and email? Do you have the time to give potential guests the information they need to choose your property over every other? The fact is that 20% of all prospect inquiries go unanswered.

Whatever tasks you’re handling, you’re probably spending multiple hours trying to prevent anything from falling through the cracks. And that’s in addition to your normal duties. You might think you’re being productive when you’re juggling a thousand items at once. But it’s just the opposite. Your productivity drops when you multitask to this extent. It’s like driving while talking on the phone and eating lunch. Definitely not the way to steer your business!

The answer to the productivity problem

There is a solution to the productivity problem: just reduce the time it takes to handle tasks. Today, you can do it with vacation rental property management software that automates tasks down to property level. Like Kigo.

With Kigo’s Operations Manager, for example, you can organize your operations and manpower resources, freeing your business to operate smoothly and grow. You can manage more properties without letting important, yet tedious tasks fall through the cracks. You can even assign guests across different geographies to units based on criteria you choose, and, over time, the system will learn, adapt and automatically assign turn and operations tasks to staff based on your patterns.

Kigo Operations Manager lets you modernize your communications, monitoring and reporting all in one place. You get a clear and complete overview of your operations that simplifies everything from turn and maintenance scheduling to dispatch. You can monitor daily progress from a user-friendly dashboard. And you can communicate with your onsite staff in real-time.

It all adds up to time savings. Up to 20 hours per week. Just what you need to boost your productivity. And no more worrying about those Keurig pods.

Save time and grow your business

Now you’ve seen some of what Kigo software can do for you. You can get more of your questions answered at the Kigo website. But you’ll still have one big question left. What are you going to do with all the time you save? The answer is, anything and everything you want to grow your vacation rental management business. You could design the best websites possible to market your properties. You could increase your online presence with advanced channel management. You could boost revenue, occupancy and bookings with powerful revenue management. Kigo can help you there, too.

How you maximize your productivity is up to you. Just know that Kigo has all the tools you need to make it happen, however you choose to build your business. For more information, sign up for a free demo. Now’s the time.

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