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Press Release Tips for Vacation Rental Managers

There are many different marketing avenues to consider when promoting a holiday home, however many vacation rental managers will not have thought of creating a press release to increase bookings. Although this marketing technique is now quite dated, it should still be considered when putting together a vacation rental marketing strategy.
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A press release is a valuable way to share content surrounding your vacation rental. Whether it be special promotional deals, company news or the announcement of a new property, press releases are a great way to boost SEO and traffic to your vacation rental website.

To get you started on creating a press release, we have put together some top tips for vacation rental managers:

Choose an Interesting Topic

Think about your target audience when coming up with a content strategy for your press release. There is no point taking the time to write content unless you have something interesting to share! Say for instance there is a big event going on in your property area, writing about it and linking in your vacation rental is a great way to receive a chunk of traffic from searches being made. It is important to keep your press release current as it can help to improve SEO.

A Captivating Headline

The headline is just as important as the content itself! An uninteresting title will deter people from sharing your press release let alone clicking on the link. You only have one line to work with so make sure it captures the article perfectly and includes relevant keywords to boost SEO.

Keep it Factual

It is important that your press release is not purely promotional as this will put the reader off entirely. Providing facts and figures will show readers that your press release is well researched and increase chances of the article being shared. If you're writing about a current topic in the vacation rental industry, don't just copy other text. Provide your own opinion and make it quotable for others to share!

Reference Your Company

Towards the end of the article it is important that you explain in a short paragraph what your vacation rental business does and include links to your website or social media networks. This will make it easy for reporters to grasp what you do and increase booking opportunities. After all, the main aim of a press release is to get your business on the map!

Get Exposed

After all your hard work following the tips above, the next step is getting your press release exposed to the right audience. To find out how to get good publicity for your business so that you stand out above your competition, read our previous article on press exposure here.

There we have it - some tips to get you started with creating a press release. Please do share with us and vacation rental managers alike any ideas in the comment box below!

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