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Preparing your vacation rental home for summer

Summer is here! And of course it is the best time of the year as we are all thinking about holidays and enjoying the sun whilst it’s out. Your guests are doing the same but what does this mean for your vacation rental properties during your busy period. Maintaining your vacation rental properties is essential to keeping the conditions of your property up to standard no matter how much your properties are in demand for your peak seasons.

By maintaining your property you will give your guests the “wow” factor every time. Today we are going to give you a few tips on how to get your vacation rental property ready for summer.


Touch ups and repaint

It’s time to get your paint brushes out! When was the last time you touched up your walls? You don’t need to paint the whole of the property but if there is wear and tear paint over it and keep it looking clean. This can include areas such as the hall way, kitchen or even the bathroom, remember the most used and visible areas that will need your attention are the most to keep it in good condition.

If you have the time you can do this yourself or if you prefer you can call in the professionals. If it is a professional you want to call why not negotiate a deal where the painter will come to your properties twice a year just before the peak season and just after your peak season has ended going into your low season. This way you are ensuring your property is keeping up with the demand of your bookings.

Adding some character to the rooms

Any blank walls in your vacation rental property? Make the rooms in your vacation rental properties warm and welcoming. A blank wall can make your vacation rental property feel empty. Take a few scenic pictures of the local landmarks and print them on a canvass to give your property that warm and welcoming feeling.

This will not only brighten up your rooms without your having to spend a lot of money but it will add visual interest. Don’t be shy adding a personal touch to your vacation rental properties this is much more appealing than a blank empty room!

Upgrade tired linens

Guest comfort is just as important as making your property look visually appealing. When was the last time you changed your pillows and linens? Is your mattress comfortable? Ask yourself would you stay at your properties for your vacation? If you answer is no its time to make some changes! Going on vacation can be tiring for your guests, especially the families with young children. Changing your linens will make your vacation rental property look inviting and if you have a comfortable mattress a good nights sleep is everything!

So there you have it a few tips to maintain your vacation rental properties and kick start the summer!

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