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Perfect Marketing For Luxury Vacation Rentals

Extraordinary Properties Require Special Attention

Vacation rental properties have always managed to offer unique and special holiday accommodation. They are generally spacious, offer outdoor space and can house many people. They have always represented great value for guests. But what about the people looking for something more luxurious? How do you let your guests know that you have certain properties which are even more remarkable than usual? Truly one-off properties that will leave your guests in awe. Today, we’re discussing the best ways to market the properties at the very highest end of the property scale. How you can set your luxury properties apart from the crowd and use them to entice guests to your website.


Firstly, it is important to separate your luxury properties without making the rest of your properties seem ‘budget’ or somehow inferior. The goal is to have two separate, but still linked areas of your site that compliment each other whilst offering different products and services. So, what makes a luxury vacation rental that is going to stand out from the crowd? To have the desired impact, you will have to reserve this status for the very best of the best. The properties that truly make your guests do a double take. Infinity pools. Panoramic vistas. Home cinemas. This is what we’re talking about.

In order to be truly effective, it’s better to differentiate it from your regular properties with a separate website or page. With Kigo, you can create a separate website to market these properties for no extra charge and operate them from the same account. Your branding should fit in with the main website whilst demonstrating the extra special nature of these properties. Deep blacks and purples connote luxury. A modified brand name will help separate these two parts of your business and let your guests know to expect properties that offer something a little bit extra. Your luxury properties should form a wing of your major business, demonstrating that you have properties suited for various tastes and budgets. This also means that you can create a luxury arm of your business with minor cost or effort and not harm the overall impression you are trying to create.

Next, in order to convert this interest into actual bookings of your luxury properties, you will need to have a reservation and payment system that inspires trust and booking confidence from your guests. Secure and trusted payment gateways that your guests can pay with using credit cards will be key. Quick and accurate availability information will both prove to your guests that you are a legitimate business before they outlay a large amount of money booking a luxury vacation rental. As the price of properties increases, the risk for your guests increases. Working with trusted, third-party companies such as credit card companies offers a guarantee that your business is to be trusted.

As well as having the means to book your properties, having a separate page for luxury properties will draw people into your network of sites for the rest of your properties. Who could resist checking out the very best you have to offer? These posts will also be effective for gathering followers and interested customers.Images of just a few of your luxury properties, distributed across social media will draw people to your website. Swaying palms, turquoise pools and glinting cityscapes are always eye-catching. No one can resist having a glimpse of how the other half live, even if they are not intending to book. It may be that these guests are then tempted to click your regular page, bringing you exposure and bookings to all of your properties. Offering something that manages to rival the luxury and decadence of boutique hotels is something that public perception would say vacation rentals cannot do. But, having extraordinary properties, coupled with high-quality service will open up a new market for property owners.

Luxury vacation rentals can offer privacy as well as extravagance, often at a far more competitive price than high-end hotels or holiday resorts. But as ever, with luxury comes a weight of expectation from the service. Nobody expects a Michelin-starred restaurant to be ‘self-service’. To help you offer a truly luxury level of service to match your properties, our next blog is all about creating VIP service that goes above and beyond anything vacation rentals have offered before.

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