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Operto, Kigo Team Up to Ensure Magic Moments for Vacation Rental Guests

The magic moment for the vacation rental guest should happen long before memorable ocean sunsets, starry nights and thrilling adventures. It starts with the simple turn of the latch to the rental property. That’s when it all comes home.

Think of the weary traveler who has been driving all day with the family to a much-anticipated destination. The day has been long, the skies are turning dark and the kids are hungry. Hearts flutter when the car pulls into the driveway of an enchanting bungalow, signaling the vacation’s true start.

Mom, holding one of the kids, excitedly punches in the code for the keyless entry system.


Repeated attempts fail and the baby starts crying. She fumbles in her purse to verify the code number. It’s correct.

Mom calls the property management company and gets a recording that the office is closed. “Please leave a message, and somebody will be in touch first thing in the morning.”  Or call the emergency number.

It starts to rain. The baby doesn’t stop crying.

That first impression has gone south. Not only did technology fail – as can happen – but the problem was amplified because it couldn’t be corrected immediately. Had the system had redundancy and instantaneous support, a dream moment would have been preserved by unlocking a great guest experience.

“It’s a magic moment when you are holding your kids and the doors actually open,” says Operto CEO Steve Davis.

A superior vacation rental guest experience

Davis says Vancouver-based Operto, a third-party integration for Kigo that provides automation solutions for vacation rentals, provides technology offerings that support the guest experience 24/7.

Operto’s mission is to bring guests and accommodation providers together through technology, enhancing and personalizing the experience for guests while lowering operational costs and improving efficiencies.

Last summer, Operto teamed with Kigo to offer its line of automated solutions. Davis believes the alliance is a powerful combination of two leading technology providers who are properly aligned.

“There are huge opportunities for each of us to draw off the other’s talents to benefit travelers and operators,” he says.

Operto has worked hard to ensure that smart locks, thermostats, sensors and other smart devices are as convenient as they are designed to be. Davis realizes that some property owners are hesitant to install the devices simply because it may take them out of their comfort zone. By offering layers of support, Operto and Kigo can help ensure that they won’t be disappointed.

“We’re super aligned with the guest experience,” he said. “We’re looking to improve the guest experience through keyless entry, for example, but if there is a hiccup we can actually help rectify the problem. We get that right. That’s where we are aligned with Kigo.”

Creating opportunities for property managers

Operto door codes are supporting in Kigo’s Guest Experience tool. Property managers can send greetings, travel details, updates and more with a mobile portal in Kigo Marketplace that provides guests with the convenience and security they want and gives you the ability to upsell, extend stays and provide first-rate online hospitality.

From Operto’s side, the portal enables guests to operate automated device from their cellphone or tablet, which can create more magic moments.

“A guest portal that interacts with the customer opens up opportunities for the property owner,” Davis says. “Comfort controls, smart devices and other devices can be controlled on your mobile phone. Guests engage and the property has more opportunities to monetize the experience.”

The right balance of technology is an art

Operto launched five years ago with its contactless, keyless entry system and has since expanded to other features. The company continues to invest in the guest experience: just this year it acquired VRScheduler, which automates back-of-house scheduling workflows for housekeeping and maintenance.

The scheduling system allows Operto to offer its customers greater control of property turns so that vacation rentals are ready to meet demand. Davis believes the acquisition is perfect as the travel industry ramps up after being slowed last year because of COVID-19.

Operto is working with partners who are exceptionally good at what they do and create the ultimate package – access control, comfort control and different IOT solutions, Davis says. The key is to integrate more deeply with partners to provide the best experience possible.

“You’re only as good as your ability to support the product; the guest experience is king, he concludes. “The right balance of tech and interaction at a property is an art and not a science, and is what adds magic to the experience.”

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