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Why Should I Have a Mobile Vacation Rental Website?

If you haven't already noticed, the mobile world has taken over. When you're next in public take a look around, how many people can you see with a mobile device? Whether it be a smartphone or tablet, they're all around us!
mobile ready vacation rental website
What does this mean for vacation rental marketers? Well, technology users (which is most of us) are moving away from PCs and laptops to browse the internet and onto mobile devices. It is important for vacation rental managers to recognise this shift and adapt a marketing strategy accordingly.

If you're a vacation rental manager wondering "Why should I have a mobile vacation rental website?", read our top 5 answers:

Reach Vacationers on the Move

Since a mobile website can be accessed anywhere at anytime, it provides vacation rental managers with even more opportunity to connect with and convert lookers into bookers. The portability factor is especially useful for vacation rental marketers since their target audience are travellers that may already be on the move.

Another way vacation rental managers can acquire more guests is to add the property on Google places. Appearing locally on Google maps with a link to your mobile website will increase chances of those in the area to book your property.

Improve Mobile SEO

Google also filters through mobile websites when a search is conducted from a smartphone or tablet. A mobile-ready vacation rental website will improve your SEO and increase chances of your property being found and booked. It will help to establish your vacation rental business in the mobile sphere too.


It is so important for business credibility that your vacation rental website looks just as great on a mobile device as it does on a PC. There is nothing worse than a jumbled homepage that will deter guests from browsing any further. Easily browsable content will exert professionalism and ensure that you keep the potential guest interested.

A Competitive Edge

As well as credibility, having a mobile vacation rental website will give your business a competitive advantage. Have a look around at your competitors websites from a mobile device, you will be surprised that many companies are still behind when it comes to mobile optimization.

Enhance Offline Marketing

Your own mobile vacation rental website can even bridge the gap with your offline marketing efforts. There are many free tools on the internet that allow you to make a QR code which can be used as an excellent marketing tool. When scanned by a smartphone, the black and white image displayed in print will direct the user to your mobile website. So, if you're attending any vacation rental industry events or advertising your property on a notice board, make sure to include your QR code on any business cards/printouts to increase traffic to your mobile site.

There we have it, 5 top reasons why vacation rental managers should have a mobile-ready vacation rental website. We hope we have shaped a better understanding of how mobile optimization is an excellent marketing avenue to go down.

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