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Mediterranean Way Finds Pleasant Surprises with Kigo Marketplace

A necessary feature of any good vacation rental property management software solution is the ability to save time and manage properties through effective communication. Quickly tracking down staff and organizing workflows keeps the ball rolling so operators can focus on increasing bookings and earning greater profits.

Shortly after adopting Kigo Marketplace, the co-founders of Mediterranean Way Vacation Rentals got a pleasant surprise with the solution’s operation management software. Albert Veciana and Eduardo Bautista saw through the platform’s monitoring and reporting features how easy it is to organize and complete turns on the company’s roster of 31 apartments and villas.

Kigo’s operations management software enables real-time mobile communications while making it easy to stay connected with staff and monitor daily work progress. The team at Mediterranean Way Vacation Rentals can now access automatically scheduled tasks, report any critical details to management and utilize the convenience of their mobile devices to improve productivity.

It’s just a part of the all-in-one software that focuses on the customer and employee experiences.

“(Kigo) is really good, because you have everything together in one place,” Veciana said recently. “You can contact customers and your own employees. This makes everything faster organized.”

“We like operation management because it’s easy, saving us from all those calls with the cleaning crew and maintenance team, and being able to organize everything from the office.”

Mediterranean Way Vacation Rentals relies on the staff management dashboard to provide a clear and complete overview of staff activities, and to quickly and easily see their team’s entire workload for the day.

Integrating technology to create the customer experience

Having everything perfect and in place is important to Mediterranean Way Vacation Rentals. The vacation rental management company, founded in April 2018, caters to families that require orderly accommodations and services. The website and marketing channels are aimed at family vacationers, and younger adults are not permitted to make reservations at the properties in Calafell, Cambrils, Mallorca, Menorca, Salou and Tarragona along Spain’s Balearic Sea coast.

Each property is thoroughly inspected by a company specialist to ensure a quality guest experience.

“Our main goal and the main challenge is creating the guest experience with our client,” Veciana said. “How can we integrate technology with today’s guests.”

Mediterranean Way Vacation Rentals recently adopted Kigo Marketplace, which, in addition to maximizing revenue and reducing operational costs, streamlines the guest hospitality experience. With its mobile portal, the customer experience platform enables operators and guests to stay in constant contact with each other. Operators can send greetings, travel details and updates, and guests can reach out with any questions or issues around the clock.

Getting the information necessary

Soon after adopting Kigo Marketplace, Veciana and Bautista couldn’t help but be pleased with the ease in communicating with customers from the point of reservations to check-in to check-out.

“The truth is that we were pleasantly surprised, because it was just what we wanted,” Veciana said. “Creating the customer experience and being aware of it. That is what we obtained. When you are learning a new software, you want a lot of information and that’s what we got.”

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