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Mastering Your Craft: 3 Keys to Success in Vacation Rental Property Management

3 keys to success in vacation rental management

Achieving the Mindset for Vacation Rental Success

In 1910, Monet took a knife to over 30 of his own works—just days before they were due to be exhibited. People saw it as a tragedy. He had destroyed art that was viewed as priceless and irreplaceable by many, but worthless to him.

Mastering your craft is about setting and achieving your own standards of excellence. Sometimes, it requires you to start over when something hasn’t been done correctly, despite the value or the time that has been poured into it already. In vacation rental property management, this standard separates good businesses from great ones.

Here are three ways to master your craft and achieve long-term business success:

1. Focus on the Details:

Running your vacation management business is an ongoing process that requires constant analysis and reflection. By perfecting smaller tasks, such as your check-in procedure or even a single email, you continually improve the quality of your final output. If you determine that something is only ready once it has reached your standards of perfection, you will succeed in an industry where mediocre is never acceptable.

Strive to offer the best possible experience for your guests--and focus on the small things so you never provide a product or service that is less than perfect.

2. Raise the Bar for Others:

Your business isn’t only being compared with others in the vacation rental property management industry. Customers compare their experience with your business to interactions they have had with companies from various industries, and you want to make a positive impression.

By refusing to settle, you will set a standard that becomes a benchmark for others to work toward. Your guests will notice, and will be the first ones to demand the same level of excellence from other businesses.

3. Take Advantage of the Right Resources

When you know what you expect from yourself, you won’t be satisfied with less. This is a principle that is key in the vacation rental industry, and one we live by at Kigo. We never want our clients to have to compromise with what they offer, and for this reason, technology that other businesses believe is “good enough” is not acceptable to us.

Consider the vision you have for your holiday rental property management company, and invest in the necessary tools to make it a reality.

Mastering your craft is a continuous process, and perfection is not achieved overnight. But by maintaining strong business practices and adopting the right technology, you can achieve your business goals. Learn how Kigo can help you grow your vacation rental property management business and become more successful.

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