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Marketing your vacation rental business during the off peak season

What do you do when you are facing an off season period but still have rooms that need filling! How do you target your audience to book your vacation rental, what do you do in your marketing efforts. Today we are giving our tips on how to increase bookings during the off peak season.


Lower the price

Advertise your vacation rental properties price in accordance to the season. Your vacation properties may command top-dollar during the summer however fewer winter travelers will mean more hotels and vacation homeowners are competing for the same few customers. Likewise, winter travelers are often more budget-conscious than those who travel in peak season. The price has a bigger influence during this time and it contributes hugely on your target markets decision.

Reduce the minimum stay

How long if your vacation rental minimum stay, it is common to have a minimum stay period and most properties have a seven-day minimum stay requirement during peak season, but offseason it's better to have your vacation rental property rented out some of the time than none of the time. By giving the option of a lower minimum stay to your potential guests for example to stay for three nights or a long weekend, you'll cash in on budget-minded travelers or those looking for a quick getaway. So go ahead and lower your minimum stay during the off peak season this will help you increase bookings and stand out from the competition.

Get to know the local businesses

When you rent out your vacation rental properties, local businesses can benefit from increased business. Your vacation rentals local restaurants, ski resorts, marina, water parks, amusement parks, movie theaters and arcades for discount or free coupons to add to your vacation package. Working closely with the local organisations will welcome the business and be excited to throw in freebies -- anything to get more sales! So go ahead and start networking within your vacation rental property areas.

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