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Latest Vacation Rental Industry News

It’s the busiest time of the year for some of you vacation rental managers, with the hot season around the corner and working extra hard to fill booking calendars. To keep you in the know, we thought we’d put together an assimilable list of some of the news going around the vacation rental industry this month.


FlatClub releases a new reversed way to book shared spaces and rentals

The London-based peer-to-peer rentals engine FlatClub, now offers a new way to book shared spaces and rentals called LiveDemand. LiveDemand makes it easy to find the right guest for the right dates and send them an offer. It reverses the way that P2P rentals operate, so rather than the property owner posting a property to rent, renters post a desired booking with dates and location. Then property owners can make direct offers to potential renters using the platform.

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HomeAway had OK earnings and will market itself as a lifestyle brand

Vacation rental giant HomeAway announced that in the second quarter of 2014 results matched its expectations. It reported adjusted earnings per share of 15 cents. The official statistics are as follow: Revenue soared 31.9% from a year ago, to $114.3 million for the quarter. About 320,000 listings are e-commerce enabled now, up 50% from a year earlier. HomeAway is taking further steps and marketing efforts to improve their brand equity and to focus particularly in Europe in the second quarter and next year.

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Airbnb announced complete rebranding with “the Bélo”

Airbnb has announced a new direction and a fresh look! The P2P rental pioneer has come with a complete brand new logo, the symbol of belonging, called the Bélo, and a new website. The concept behind it: “This whole time we were talking about Airbnb as a way to get a house – when in fact it was a way to get a home. A house is a space, a home is where you belong “ explains Chesky, co-founder of Airbnb.

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