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Kigo Vacation Rental Software Update – August 2013

To help improve your vacation rental business, we've been making some of our own improvements here at Kigo HQ. You may have been noticing new functionality as weeks passed; we thought it was about time that we update you on the great features we have been building for you.

Without further ado, Kigo are excited to share with you the changes we have been working hard on over the last 6 months:

Additional Payment Options

Kigo have introduced additional payment options for you to offer guests, enabling more payment options increases chances of more bookings. You now have the option to partner with:

  • WePay

  • Be2Bill

  • Adyen

More Fee Options

Now there are even more possibilities to choose from when setting property fees. Dynamic pricing will allow you to maximize bookings by catering to a variety of guests. You can now set fees based on:

  • “check-out on weekday” or “check-out on weekend”

  • or the "per length of stay" choice allows specifying "amount per night, per guest".

Enable Discount Coupons

A completely new feature! Kigo now provide the option to offer guests coupons. A powerful advertising tool that will help increase bookings. Learn how to start creating your own coupons in our Support Center.

  • There is an additional design fee of 350€ for implementing coupons on custom designed websites.

Better Domain Management

  • Improved domain names as you sign into Kigo backend. Our updated user interface allows you to fully edit web page redirects and makes importing/exporting information from/to a CSV file easy.

An Even Stronger Channel Manager

Our improved Channel Manager makes it even easier for you to connect with your partners and maximize property exposure. Here's how:

  • Any email inquiries you receive from AirBnB can now be imported to your Kigo backend enabling you to respond instantly so that guests do not look elsewhere.

  • Agencies may now include a short message when requesting a connection from an agency or portal. Personalizing a connection request will increase chances of acquiring a new partner and in turn booking leads.

And so much more...

  • Invoices available in Rental Agency account.

  • New email variables.

  • Added "date of booking" setting to special discounts

  • Early bird discounts and late discounts are no longer exclusive

  • Plenty of issues fixed

There are many new features to Kigo Vacation Rental Software on the horizon, expect to hear from us soon!

If you are interested in joining our wonderful list of clients and operating your own reservation system, vacation rental website or channel manager, request a demo online or talk to one of our experts on the phone today: +34 512 702 104

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