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SEO Basics Webinar for Kigo Clients

SEO-BASICS-WEBINAR-IMAGEMany website owners assume that SEO is some sort of magic science that only a guru has the tools decipher. Yes, SEO is a time-intensive task that requires a mix of technical and creative knowledge. Yet, there are a few basic concepts about SEO that all of us can understand and implement. These basic tools may not help you rank number 1 for a highly competitive keyword, but it will ensure that your website is being used to its full potential in the eyes of search engines.

If you are new to SEO, you might think that search engines are funny creatures, but in fact it is just a robot going through the webpages and putting them on a giant list. Google is nothing else than a big library of webpages and whenever you search it will show you the page related to the word you searched for. This is why keywords are so important, as you want to be found for the right term according to your business.

Optimization is a term most of you will know, but how do you actually optimize webpages for search engines? The answer is simple, by preparing the website, so that search engines can find the main information easily. Of course, you also have to think of the visitors you want to attract, especially with compelling content. This is actually not a contradiction, and Google has made it very clear in the last updates that it wants to see good quality content, which is also what visitors wish for.

At Kigo we have included a series of SEO features that will make your life easier and will help you get to better positions. We invite you to watch our webinar on Youtube, where we also answer most common questions about SEO. Enjoy it!

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