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How to List My Home on with Channel Management Software

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List My Vacation Rental Home on Using Kigo Channel Management Software

Why List My Vacation Rental on

The article "What Are the Advantages of Using Channel Management Software?" points to a number of significant benefits of using channel partners to increase bookings and using channel management tools to facilitate the process of coordinating your work through multiple distribution channels.

Some of the benefits listed are:

  • Increased efficiency and time management
  • Reduced marketing costs overall
  • Increased ability to reach a wider audience of potential travelers
  • Improved reputation with professional management of multiple channels
  • Automation of tasks which leads to smoother workflow processes

Kigo's Channel Management solution accommodates work with a number of channel partners, including Why is this significant?

Darren Huston, CEO of, comments on the uniqueness of's offerings in this way:

"As consumers strive to create new experiences while travelling, they are looking for places to stay that reflect their personalities, passions and ambitions. That might mean staying on a boat docked in the South of France, a treehouse in Costa Rica, a villa in Indonesia, an apartment in Madrid or a Riad in Morocco. For several years, we have been working behind the scenes to expand our offerings beyond the traditional hotel to help people experience the world in the way they want to that's easier than anything else out there."

According to figures released by, vacation rental properties expanded 66 percent year over year. Huston adds: "We expect the growth that we've seen in the vacation rental and unique accommodation market to accelerate over time as consumers realize the depth of options and the ease of making reservations on our mobile and desktop sites."'s Frictionless Booking Experience

Huston's comments about the ease of booking vacation rental properties via's mobile and desktop sites are significant. Research into booking behaviors reveals an increasing desire among travelers to use mobile devices to book properties from anywhere at any time. understands this digital trend and continues to capitalize on booking behaviors to remain a leader in the vacation rental industry. Commenting on the launch of,'s dedicated site for vacation rentals, villas, and apartments, Skift's Dennis Schaal refers to the site as a "digital conversion wonderland" and a significant source of potential concern for competitor HomeAway.

In Skift's article "'s New Vacation Rental Site is HomeAway's Worst Nightmare", Schaal observes: "It remains to be seen what does with its new and how heavily it gets promoted, but clearly is committed to the vacation rental sector, and will likely make many more moves."

Channel Management Software Leverages the Power of

Kigo's cutting-edge channel management software enables you to seamlessly manage a channel partnership with and many other booking portals. Considering the reach that can be achieved for your vacation rental properties with a robust channel management solution, it is wise to consider how your vacation rental management business would benefit from such a partnership.

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