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Kigo API Update – August 2013

At Kigo we are always looking for ways to improve our software to help you improve your vacation rental business. So to make it that bit easier to update pricing of a property listed on multiple platforms, we have revised our API connection.

For those that aren't familiar, an API is an easy way of making data digestible for a third-party, it works hard to compile the property information together so that you do not have to. Thus, Kigo has now made it possible to retrieve a detailed account of the property pricing, including currency, rent, fees, and discounts.

The Kigo API now allows you to update only some parts of the pricing setup, there are two requirements when doing this:

  • You can only update properties provided by a vacation rental owner/ manager
  • Only the properties that already have a pricing setup can be updated.

You can find the updated API documentation already on our support center, however below is a summary of some adjustments Kigo have made to allow you to update property pricing effortlessly:

Property pricing

(11.9 in API revision 12, page 54)

We have introduced a new object into Kigo’s data dictionary; property pricing. Now you will be able to clearly determine what contributes to the total cost of a guests' stay. The Kigo API takes into consideration:

  • currency
  • rent
  • fees
  • discounts


(9.8 in API revision 12, page 32)

This method gives our portals and agencies the chance to read the pricing setup of any property shared on the Kigo network. They can then query this stored version of the prices and use these pricing “ingredients” to generate prices on their website.


(9.9 in API revision 12, page 32)

This method helps agencies and portals to get detailed pricing information and store it locally

This reduces the number of calls made to the Kigo API and makes searching on these sites a much quicker experience for the user.


(9.10 in API revision, page 34)

Agencies and portals who distribute through Kigo can use this method to update prices within their Kigo account via the API.

This means that prices can be changed dynamically based on market conditions without the need to log into your Kigo account, saving our agencies and portals time and effort whilst enabling them to be more reactive to real-time business developments.


We look forward to helping our new and existing clients to get the most out of our revised API connection, please feel free to reach out to us through our support center if you have any questions.

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