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Kigo and Zhubaijia Partner to Reach Asian Travel Market

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To say that China is a big market would be a gross understatement. Every international company worth its salt wants at least an opportunity to sell its products and/or services in China market. After all, many Chinese consumers have newly disposable income and China’s new upper middle class is more than happy to spend money on international luxuries within their reach. It’s not just those offerings that arrive on their shores though. More and more Chinese consumers are looking to explore the world outside of their country. That equals a golden opportunity for asian travel partners because, while it’s a unique niche, it’s growing.

The Asian travel market is growing quickly

The number of outbound Chinese travelers grew by 13 million last year, swelling from 120 million in 2015 to 133 million in 2016. They spent more than $104 billion, according to the South China Morning Post. In just about anyone’s eyes, that’s a market few would ignore and most would cater to. And as the Chinese government loosens travel restrictions, that number is set to continue growing. CLSA, a China-focused global investment bank, reported that the number of travelers leaving China will reach over 200 million by 2020.

The key to the market is moving fast. 53% of Chinese travelers are already booking their trips online. That’s why Kigo has jumped at the chance to partner with Zhubaijia, China’s homegrown answer to Airbnb. Started as an Asian office of Wimdu, Zhubaijia specializes in catering specifically to native Chinese travelers visiting other countries.

While the influx of a large new contingent of new travelers has some vacation rental owners licking their lips, the idea of providing customer service to someone from a different country can be incredibly daunting to some vacation rental owners. The language barrier, cultural issues and customer service expectations have the potential to cause confusion and conflict. And that, precisely is what makes Zhubaijia a worthwhile partner.

Zhubaijia develops strong footprint in China

Zhubaijia not only is a native Chinese company, it understands the Chinese traveler. In previous years, laws and economics made travelers reticent to leave the Chinese homeland. With the easing of travel restrictions and economic boom that happened in previous years, this audience is slowly but surely open to the possibility of traveling outside their “safe zone.” As with any newcomer, they need extra help in navigating the waters of international travel. Zhubaijia not only helps them choose vacation rentals like yours, but it also offers superior customer service before, during and after the vacation. Its 24/7 service offers phone and chat to assist with cultural differences and language interpretation.

If you’re a vacation rental owner with an eye on the Chinese traveler, Zhubaijia is the middle man you’ve been looking for. Kigo specifically chose Zhubaijia with an eye not only on customer service, but its strong footprint in Asia. It caters to over 200,000 travelers visiting 60 countries and 50 cities. If you’re interested in growing your vacation rental business, especially within the Japan, Thailand and the rest of the Asian travel sphere, choosing Zhubaijia is a must to help increase demand for your properties.

If you have a Kigo solution, adding Zhubaijia is not only free, it’s as simple as selecting it as one of your travel partners and following their onboarding steps from there. The access you’ll gain to this new market is sure to help fill your empty calendar.

Learn more about our channel partnership with Zhubaijia!

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