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How to List Corporate Apartments on with Kigo

Business or Pleasure? How to Market Vacation Rental Homes to Business Travelers

Business travelers are looking to reap the benefits of booking rental properties that offer more amenities and a more home-like atmosphere than hotels.

The business travel sector is evolving. The Telegraph's "Business Joins the Smart-Travel Revolution" notes: "New companies, including peer-to-peer websites, now offer specific solutions when it comes to business travel, accommodation and keeping in touch with colleagues - at home and abroad. As a result, future business trips will feel increasingly personalized, while technology will be used for everything from recording the carbon emissions from your trip to ensuring a freshly packed suitcase arrives at your business destination."

Kigo attracting business travelers to vacation rentals with magicstay listings
Business people represent a largely untapped market of potential renters.

MagicStay-The Business Traveler's Best Friend

One of the companies leading the way for business travelers to benefit from this change is Kigo channel partner Known formerly as, the company was founded in 2014 and is currently the leading peer-to-peer accommodation and service website exclusively dedicated to business travel. MagicStay currently offers over 20,000 apartments, studios, and villas in over 70 business cities.

Valéry Linÿer, CEO and Co-founder of, says of the French start-up:

"More and more business travelers have tested apartment rental on peer-to-peer websites for personal travel, and are looking to benefit from the same advantages for business travel. This type of accommodation provides savings of 30 percent to 60 percent, without including the costs saved on restaurants and transport."

“At MagicStay, we offer business travelers an alternative to hotel in 70 cities. MagicStay is the only platform that is exclusively dedicated to business travel and we are partnering with many international professional events to host exhibitors and visitors.”

Because corporate apartments and corporate housing provide a welcomed alternative to hotel accommodations for reasons including cost, space, and comfort, business people are increasingly willing to work with for their accommodation needs.

The article " Presents Its Apartment Rental Platform at the Business Travel Show 2016" says of MagicStay: "All accommodation on is selected to meet the needs of business travelers in terms of comfort and safety, and are in close proximity to exhibition and conference centers or in the center of town. Accommodation is rated between 1 and 5 stars based on objective criteria related to comfort and amenities."

Listing with MagicStay through Kigo's Channel Management System

For vacation rental property managers who have properties in major business areas, it is an easy process to list properties with through Kigo's channel management system.

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Partnering with is simple with Kigo's channel manager.

With Kigo's channel manager, connecting your business rental website to major portal sites is a simple, streamlined process. At the touch of a button, you can connect your site with and expand the reach of your business rental listing with no trouble.

Bookings of your property made through MagicStay will automatically sync with your availability calendar, while all your important information remains safe and secure within your Kigo account.

Ready to Boost Revenue by Listing Corporate Apartments with MagicStay?

For more information about how Kigo's channel management software can expand your marketing reach for all your properties, on all listing portals, download the ebook: What is a Channel Manager today.

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