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How to Keep Your Short-Term Rentals Booked

Fast and focused: that's how prospective guests approach the search for short-term rentals. According to TNooz, one out of every two queries in travel results in a purchase, and 33 percent of mobile travel searchers want to complete the transaction within the day. To succeed in the fast-paced short-term rental industry, you need to reach the right guests and make a great impression right away. In this article, we'll explore how and where to promote your properties.

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Promote your vacation rentals to the right audience, and make them simple to book online. 

Features to Promote in Short-Term Rentals

Show off the best attributes of your rentals. Consider the below areas when promoting them:

Amenities- What unique features does your vacation rental have to offer? Does it have a hot tub? Is it wheelchair-accessible? Consider what makes your properties  unique, and highlight these features in a well-optimized website and in online listings.

Accessibility- What attractions are close to your property? Are you near nature trails, or in the heart of the city's theater district? Guests want convenience, so show them how easy it is to get to their destinations from your rental property.

Ease of Booking- What do your customers need to do to book your vacation rentals? If coordinating a stay at your property seems like too much work, they'll go elsewhere. By providing a straightforward and attractive website and simple online booking processes, you can help drive online bookings.

Photos- According to an interview with David Mau, the director of product for vacation rentals at, "Some hosts only highlight a handful of photos that don’t really show customers what they can expect, or don’t provide enough information for them to make an informed decision." Create a website that's packed with visually engaging, attractive photos.

Where to Promote Your Short-Term Rentals

When prospective guests want to learn more about your short-term vacation rentals, they go to the following places:

Websites- Your website should be well-optimized and feature up-to-date information. To make an outstanding first impression, choose a professional looking site that is easy to maintain.

Social Media Accounts- Social media platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat are ideal places to showcase your short-term rentals. Share content regularly, and link to your social media accounts on your company website.

Online Review Sites- Be sure to highlight positive reviews and testimonials on your site so prospective guests can learn about the exceptional experiences other guests have had at your properties.

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