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How to insert metatags with Kigo’s SEO-friendly system

At Kigo we are aware of how difficult it is to create a SEO-friendly website. This is why we have included a few features into our system, so that you, as our clients can benefit from that. I will present them all in a series starting off with this article. Mind you, this is something all of us can do, but in order to optimize the website you need a professional.


Metatags are the base of all SEO

As with everything, when you want to do SEO you have to start from the base. This means that you have to optimize your website first before getting links to point to it. Once you have chosen your keywords, the most relevant terms for your business, you have to insert them in the texts but also in the HTML code. This is usually done by adding metatags to the pages, ideally the metatags should be added to every single page and they should be different for each page too. The metatags are the title and the description shown in the Google results page. They look like this.

The metatags

How can you add metatags without programming them? We have a feature in our reservation system for this. When you enter our backoffice you will find a column with "domains" on the upper bar. You click on domains and you will see a list of your domains. You choose one, select the page and click on "edit" to the right hand side. The menu that opens subsequently contains three fields, one for the title, one for the description and one for the keywords.



You can now add the title, it should be short and to the point like a book title and describe the content on this specific page. The title should not be longer than 65 characters. The description is an explanation in two short sentences about the content on the page and it should not contain more than 155 characters. In the keyword section you can enter up to ten keywords with commas.

Keep in mind that if you repeat the keyword in the title, the description and the keywords, Google is going to consider it more relevant.

This is a process that you need to repeat with each page.

Good luck with your SEO!

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