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SEO Tips: How to Insert Alt Tags into the Kigo Property Management System

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) should be regarded as a highly important component to any vacation rental managers' marketing strategy. It ultimately defines where your website appears on a Google search; the higher up the page, the more traffic to your vacation rental website and in turn, bookings! There are many ways to improve your SEO efforts, from keyword orientated content creation to strengthening your online presence with social media.
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To show you how to get the best out of SEO, we are going to look into how you can optimize the images on your vacation rental website with specific keywords by inserting 'alt tags'. Alt tags are pieces of text that describe the image and increase chances of your website being found in a search. As the Kigo system is SEO-friendly, we have included a few features that will help you insert alt texts at your images:

Alt text in the main pages

At the main pages you can insert the alt text in the main page image by following these steps:

  • Enter our backoffice
  • Click on the domain name under “Websites”
  • Click on the “edit”-button to the right of the page you would like to edit
  • Scroll along the page until you find the menu for the images “Main page image”
  • When you click on the “Add image”-button two new fields will open, the meta alt and the meta title


How to insert alt texts into main pages


At the meta alt field you can insert the alt text, it should not contain more than one sentence and the main keyword if it applies to the image. It is very important to avoid overusing keywords. The text should describe what can be seen on the image.

The meta title field is for the title or the name of the image, which is not the same as the alt-text. Here the main keyword can be inserted as well.


Alt texts in the content blocks of basic pages


At the content blocks there is the section “column image”, under which there can be inserted the meta alt and the meta title of the image.

How to insert alt texts in the content block


I hope this guide provides you with a useful overview of how to insert alt texts with the Kigo system.

If you are looking for a SEO optimized vacation rental website to increase bookings, request a demo today online or talk to one of our experts on the phone: +34 512 702 104.

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