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How to Get Listing Websites to Feature Your Properties on Social Media

portal-marketingAt Kigo, we are always encouraging property managers to list properties on a multitude of portals. It increases exposure to the vacation rental and in turn booking leads. Listing sites like HomeAway, FlipKey and HolidayLettings provide you with a huge marketing platform. Since they operate globally, these kind of sites are a great starting point for expanding your client reach, improving customer service and client retention.

Although it is important for professionalism and branding to operate your own vacation rental website and social networks, it is also important to utilize those of the portals. Their Twitter, Facebook, Google + accounts will generally attract a higher amount of attention which property managers should take into consideration.

Are you interested in utilizing portal networks but don't know where to start? We have put together some ideas you could adapt to your vacation rental marketing strategy:

Approach Portal Social Media Networks:


Say the property you are managing is listed on HolidayLettings, why not tweet directly to their Twitter account. Mentioning the portal listing site along with any last minute deals or special offers will give them the option to retweet to a larger audience. It will increase chances of filling any gaps in the property's availability calendar and drive traffic to your Twitter account.

Tip: Make sure the tweet you devise is appealing and around 140 characters, that way it will encourage retweets.


In the same way as Twitter, approach larger social vacation rental networks that could potentially feature the property you are marketing. If the holiday home is particularly unique, make sure the photos and property description project its uniqueness - the HomeAway Facebook page features a beautiful property daily and it will increase your chances of being featured.

Tip: Join in on any discussions and be sure to include a link of the property listing or your website.


If you are not using using Instagram to promote the vacation rental, you should be! It's constant, up-to-date and will keep you in the conversation. Make sure you are following the portal listing sites the property is on and approach their Instagram accounts when you have an image or video that might attract them.

Tip: Say you've taken a beautiful photo of where the vacation rental is located, tag the portal it is listed on including the property id. Many portal Instagram accounts will 're-gram' property listings to their large follower base.

Last Minute Deals Page

Featuring last minute deals is a great way to give a final push towards filling the property's availability calendar. Ensure that you promote this through the portal listings to attract attention. Many portal listing sites include a 'deals' page which are then projected through their social media networks. use their blog, Twitter and Facebook to push last minute deals of the weekend; appearing on there would be an excellent opportunity for gaining coverage and increasing bookings.
If you need more information on how to use social media to market your vacation rental, check out our plentiful resources on our blog. Additionally, HomeAway have a social media webinar coming up on 28th August which you can register for today.

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