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How to Fill Last-Minute Bookings at Your Vacation Rental

It's safe to say that every vacation rental manager would like to see a fully-booked calendar all year round but unfortunately that is not always the case. When marketing your property in low season it is important to be aware of a number of factors e.g. weather changes, the potential guests' needs, competitors in the property area etc.
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There are various marketing techniques a vacation rental manager can adopt to increase bookings. The key is to use a combination of these marketing practices to increase booking chances and work towards that glorious fully-booked calendar.

To help vacation rental managers on their way, we have put together 5 ideas on how to fill last-minute bookings:

Seasonal Pricing

Guests may not be prepared to pay the same cost as high season, so vacation rental managers should adapt accordingly. Enabling dynamic pricing on a vacation rental website allows vacation rental managers to organize well in advance the costs of staying in high and low seasons. And, it looks a lot more professional disclosing the differing prices from customers; they are less likely to feel that they aren't getting a good deal.

Promote Deals on Social Media

To push those last-minute deals, make sure to promote offers across all social media accounts. The more coverage on your vacation rental deals, the more chance of filling that booking calendar. By using appropriate hash tags on Twitter, Facebook etc., it'll categorize your special offer and make it easier for potential guests to find you.

Advertise on Multiple Platforms

An excellent way to fill last minute bookings of your vacation rental is to advertise the property on as many portals as possible e.g., HomeAway, FlipKey etc. Since these huge listing portals receive large amounts of website traffic, it is great for increasing exposure to the property. To make managing property information, photos, availability calendars on multiple platforms effortless, implement a channel manager.

Highlight Last-Minute Specials on Your Website

If you have a beautiful vacation rental website, use it to its full potential! By putting any last-minute deals or special offers proudly on the homepage, it will encourage any website visitors to check out what vacation rentals you have to offer.

Email Marketing

Email is a completely free marketing tool that is great for encouraging engagement with past guests. As a vacation rental manager, you will probably already have a database of previous guests' details. Remind previous customers about their stay at your property by sending out email updates regularly. Including any last-minute deals or special offers will encourage guests to book your property again.

We hope our 5 ideas on how to fill last-minute bookings at your vacation rental can help with your vacation rental marketing. Please feel free to share with those of interest or add any comments in the box below:

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