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Niche Marketing Helps Vacation Rental Bookings

The vacation rental industry is booming, which is great for property managers.

But they must improve marketing in order to stand out from the competition.

A common mistake that holiday home managers make is trying to cater to all types of guests. Since the vacation rental landscape is huge, this kind of marketing will require a lot of time and hard work to achieve ultimate SEO and be found by potential guests.

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Rather than thinking about all the features the property has and trying to fit them all into a listing, how about taking a look at what the property has to offer that others do not?

Re-evaluating a property description or vacation rental website will help you to package the holiday home into a niche category. Focusing on a specific part of the vacation rental market will increase chances of leading those that are searching specifically for what you have to offer to the property listing or website.

Are you interested in niche marketing but don't know where to start? Here are 5 actions you could take to create a niche marketing package for a vacation rental:

Pick a Theme

Since running your vacation rental business, you may have noticed a particular clientele the property attracts. For example, if the holiday rental attracts groups of women searching for a relaxing weekend away, then go with the theme of relaxation. Make it clear in the property description, website pages, social networks etc. who the vacation rental caters for. Targeting a specific type of vacationers will establish the type of holiday potential guests can expect and give your business a competitive boost.

Portal Listings

Many of the main portal listing websites and agencies allow you to filter the property by its niche category. For example, HolidayLettings have enabled vacation rental managers to categorize their property into the 'Under 5s' or 'Pets Allowed' section. Defining the rental into a niche listing category will give you maximum exposure yet reduce competition when vacationers are searching for somewhere to stay.

There is also a wide scope of listing sites across the internet dedicated entirely to a niche market, such as gay-friendly property providers Purple Roofs or pet-friendly portal Bring Fido.

Local Events

Ensure that you keep a calendar of all big events in the property area that are likely to attract tourists looking for a vacation rental. Use dynamic pricing to plan any special deals around the time of the event to boost bookings. Email marketing is a great tool you could utilize to ensure that promotional deals are being heard about.

Additionally, creating specific SEO focused content around the event (e.g. blog posts, landing pages) on your vacation rental website will increase chances of the property popping up on a potential guests' radar.

Multiple Languages

If you're finding that a lot of the property's guests or booking inquiries are from a particular country or speak a particular language, make sure your vacation rental website offers the option to view in their language. Including an additional language on your website opens up the opportunity to increase SEO in a different country and boost bookings.

Use Social Media

Use social networks to expand the property's reach and interact with those in your chosen niche market. Follow any relevant groups and join in on discussions to keep the conversation going. Hash tagging is a great marketing tool that will help to categorize the property listing and reach those that are searching for what you already have to offer.


We hope we have given you an idea of some of the ways you can use niche marketing to increase vacation rental bookings. Please feel free to share this post, add any comments or more marketing ideas in the comment section below:

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