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How to get more referrals and reviews #Tip1

It’s that classic moment on your birthday when you’re at a restaurant with your friends and the waiters stop and sing happy birthday to you! Even though you may have had a feeling your friends will have something planned, isn’t it still a nice surprise. So most organisations in the hotel/accommodation industry would probably try and ‘do something extra’ if something goes wrong for the guest, which as we know as guest recovery. In today’s blog we are going to go ‘to infinity and beyond!’

Try something different today! 


Sending booking confirmations

The beauty of email confirmations is that we all read it! And may even need to print it. So why not ask the customer these two questions:

  1. Please respond to this email and confirm all details on this confirmation are true and correct?
  2. What is your favourite colour?

By asking these questions the guest has no choice but to respond therefore will inevitably  also answer question two in the process, which is the goal. So why ask such questions? Well this is where ‘to infinity and beyond’ comes in play! The fun bit which won’t take too much off your bottom line but is more of a small worthy investment adding value to your vacation rental business. By asking for their favourite color you can surprise your guest by placing a goody bag  full of treats in the property they have booked with you, for example you can leave chocolate wrapped in their favourite colored foil, leaflets of things to do locally and a map. You will instantly be spreading the smiles to kickstart their vacation!

Ask the guest to write a review

So you have made your guest feel extra special at the property they have booked with your vacation rental business, don’t forget to stay in touch with them. Go ahead and ask them to write a review whilst they are still happy and are in the holiday spirit! At Kigo we encourage vacation rental managers to get referrals and reviews as it is essentially one of the most cost effective ways to promote your properties, helping you increase bookings!

It’s free advertising so why not, online reviews are so important to your vacation rental business it gives you exposure that would otherwise cost you a lot of money if you were to use offline advertising. It can also help you appear higher in search results as Google takes into account how many times you have been mentioned in reviews. Your competitor may not be getting as many reviews so your vacation rental business could appear higher than them on search engine results. So there you have it our #Tip1 on how to get more referrals and reviews by going  ‘to infinity and beyond!’

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