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Eureka! A Completely Free Vacation Rental Marketing eBook

vacation rental marketing free ebookAs you all know, we are always keen to share the best marketing resources and insider tips to help streamline your business and increase bookings. So it gives us great pleasure to share with you the lastest VR eBook from our good friend Matt Landau over at, Vacation Rental Marketing Blog.

The Eureka Effect: How Good Vacation Rentals Become Great is a completely FREE eBook for vacation rental managers who already operate a good business but strive to get better. This book aims to identify those “Aha!” moments in a vacation rental owner’s learning curve, borrowing examples from Matt’s own experiences and case studies from clients.

Learn From a fellow Vacation Rental Expert

Here are Kigo we aspire to write comprehensive marketing and channel manager articles, however we also realise that you can never get too much information from multiple sources. This is why we take great pleasure in cross-marketing Matt's ebooks (not to mention Kigo is featured in the latest one). Apart from sharing nuggets of wisdom on his Vacation Rental Marketing Blog, Matt has also featured on BiggerPockets, HomeAway Community and shared his knowledge at HomeAway’s Annual Summit. If you’d like to find out more about Matt, we recently featured a very insightful interview with him.

What's Inside The Eureka Effect?

With the idea that a “pretty good vacation rental business” is not a great one, Matt uses his own experiences and those of his clients to identify specific moments when a business goes from good to excellent. This eBook aims to show how realistic it is for vacation rental managers like you, to achieve not just a good business, a really really great one.

Each chapter or Eureka moment will teach any vacation rental manager, no matter how successful you are, how to improve your business and take it to the next level.

A sneak peek inside The Eureka Effect: How Good Vacation Rentals Become Great:

  • Why Email Trump Social Media: learn about the importance of email marketing and why it is more effective than social media for your rental business
  • Spend Half Your Time on Names: discover why if you don’t have a kick-butt name or title, your property details simply don’t matter
  • Highly Capable Helpers: advice on the right time to outsource and how hiring people to help will strengthen the quality of your business
  • and many more insider tips ..

Download your completely FREE go-to eBook for vacation rental managers today! Don't settle for just a good business, Matt's insider knowledge will provide you tips on how to go that extra mile.

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