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Your Guide to Good Social Media Communication

A Brief Introduction to Social Media

Social media is one of (if not the) most powerful marketing tools that vacation rental managers can use to do branding. There are currently hundreds of social networking platforms with different functions and purposes via which companies can communicate with large numbers of potential clients, with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ being some of the key players.

Take Facebook, for instance: it has grown tremendously since its launch in 2004 and there are now over 1 billion users sharing content with one another. With that statistic in mind, it’s no wonder that 93% of businesses use social media for marketing.

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Good vs Bad Social Media Practices
When used correctly, social media can be an effective promotional tool. It’s important to remember to include a mixture of informational as well as promotional posts and to vary content by including videos, images and links to your site. Content should be as engaging and original as possible. It’s also a great way to show off your customer service skills: in the event that you receive a complaint, you can demonstrate your professionalism to other clients by responding in a calm, helpful manner.

The flip side is that poorly-managed social media accounts can actually be detrimental to your business. Bad social media practice includes over-posting, poor spelling, repeating the same posts over and over again and handling complaints badly.

What to Post on Your Social Media Accounts
The vacation rental industry has the benefit of having a wealth of relevant and interesting information associated with it, meaning you’ll never be short of content. As well as links to your site and the promotion of specific featured properties, news and deals, you should also share information about events, activities, day trips, local recommendations and area guides, as well as photos and videos showcasing your destination.
How to Organize Your Social Media
It’s vital that your social media accounts are carefully planned and organized. Although it might require more time and effort, it’s best to plan and stick to a posting schedule to avoid bombarding clients with information, and to help maintain a good variety of topics, both promotional and informational.

The best way to organize your social media is to make some lists of places of that fit into the topics listed above. For events, do some research and make a calendar so that you are well prepared. The same applies to special offers. Once you have some ideas, create a weekly schedule for all of your social media accounts and be sure to post regularly on each one, without overdoing it.

Although it is important to create a posting schedule, it shouldn’t be exactly the same every week. Change the dynamic of your posting slightly to test which networks, days and types of post are most effective in increasing customer engagement.
Social Media with Kigo
Kigo offers a complete social media package which brings you all the benefits of a expertly-planned and managed social media strategy without the workload. Our plan includes an initial audit in which accounts are created and/or customized and competitors benchmarked, followed by a monthly plan which involves regular posting of content and reports. The result? More interaction from users, more quality links and more content, all of which leads to more traffic and a better ranking in Google. We have had many success stories with clients from around the world, such as Luxury Apartments Stockholm, Marrakech Rent and Amsterdam Book Now.

The social media package perfectly complements our SEO services, which help to drive more quality traffic to your site and improve your page’s position in Google.

If you are interested in operating your own vacation rental website complete with a reservation system, we will be more than happy to help. You can request a demo from our website or call us directly: +34 93 1980 697

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