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The Faces of Kigo: Meet Magda Aslamadze

We created the Faces of Kigo series to showcase our talented employees, tell their stories, and share why they love being a part of the Kigo team.

Meet Magda Aslamadze, Senior Product Expert based in Barcelona. Magda has worked for Kigo for over four years, and has played an important role in the company's evolution. She loves to travel and help people, making her an ideal person to serve Kigo clients.

Learn more about Magda:

Tell us about yourself!

I am pleased to introduce myself. My name is Magda Aslamadze. I was born in Georgia (not in the USA, but a small country in the Caucasus). I’ve lived in many European countries and ultimately settled my residence in Barcelona, the most amazing city in the world. I studied Spanish Philology and Public Relations at Barcelona University, and I also hold a Master’s degree in Communication Management. I came to the Kigo support department back in May 2013, when Kigo was a just small team of nice people working on a great project. Currently, I’m a Senior Product Expert and help our multilingual clients solve their issues, which I enjoy.

As for my family, I live with my boyfriend and my three year old daughter Laia. As you can imagine, I have very little time for hobbies, but I still enjoy travelling, skiing, sailing, watching movies, cooking, reading, and shopping.

What is your role at Kigo?

I work in the support team as a Senior Product Expert. My main responsibilities are to empower customers to take maximum advantage of the Kigo platform, and get them connected with the portals of Kigo Channel Manager to generate as many reservations as possible and increase their performance. On the support team, we solve client issues in a timely manner and our goal is to drive outstanding customer experience. I also help my teammates to improve their product knowledge and customer service skills.

What do you love about your job?

The thing I love the most about my job is helping people become more successful, solving their problems, and giving advice on how to use the system and adapt it to their business model. It's amazing to see them improve and become experts in a short period of time, and to see how grateful they are for the Kigo team members who are in touch with them.

What makes Kigo stand out from the competition?

Kigo is a very innovative and complete software with many new components. This all-in-one solution is constantly improving and gaining a very solid reputation on the social networks. The greatest value of Kigo is the talented and experienced team working hard to make our products and services unique.

What is your favorite feature of Kigo?

In my personal opinion, Kigo's key feature is its Channel Manager. It allows vacation rental managers to have one single place to update the calendar and rates, along with all of the portals where their properties are listed. It saves a lot of time and energy for the property managers and decreases the risk of overbooking.

How does your passion translate into your role at Kigo?

I love helping people, so this is what I do on daily basis at Kigo. In order to provide good customer service, you need to put yourself in the customer's position and treat their problem as your own. This will help give them confidence and trust in you. I never want to let my clients down or lose the trust they have in me.

How do you approach finding places to stay when you travel?

When I travel, I look for places I have never been before that have interesting local culture, landscapes, gastronomy, and things to explore. I also choose places where I can travel with my three year old daughter, so the destination should not be too far away from home. Generally, I travel through Europe, as there are so many fantastic cities to visit here.

As I have a small child, when I travel with my family I always choose an apartment as it is more practical. For me, it is important to have kitchen with all the facilities as it gives you the ability to cook indoors at least one meal per day. Also in a vacation rental, you have more space and privacy than you do in a hotel room.

How can property owners make their vacation rentals more appealing to guests?

Property managers need to be consistently in touch with guests. When I travel, I have a lot of questions regarding the property facilities operations, so I call the owner several times during my stay. Kigo recently launched a Mobile Guest App feature, which allows for constant contact between the property manager and the guest before and during the stay. It's nice to know there is an approachable host in case you have a problem or you just need some information or advice.

As we continue to explore the Faces of Kigo, you will meet more members of our global team working every day to create the best products in travel. Stay tuned!

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