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Facebook Tips and Tricks, #4 is a must!

How much time and money do you invest in your social media strategy? Or do you have a Facebook page already and want to increase your audience. Social media is a great tool for vacation rental businesses when used to tactically. Today we are going to give you few tips on how to increase your engagement on Facebook.





1.Finding the best time to engage with your audience

One way you vacation rental managers and owners can find out when your Facebook followers are engaging with your posts the most is to experiment and post at different time of the day or even night. Sometimes the only way to ensure optimal engagement is through old-fashioned trial and error. You may have the tools to automate your Facebook posts so you can post late make sure your notifications are on as if you receive a comment responding as soon as possible to apart of increasing engagement and likes.

2. Ask your audience for feedback

Do you know where your audience would like to go on holiday? where are your properties located? Are you on the hunt for more properties? If so why not let your guests help you choose a destination! After all they are the consumers of your brand. This could increase your bookings by existing guests and loyalty. It will give you an idea of what your customer wants and what type of holidays they are looking for!

3.Take pictures…. and lots of them!

It’s time to say cheese! get your camera out and start taking pictures of your vacation rental properties, preferably with people! Facebook posts with pictures receive more engagement than posts with just text or links. Your vacation rental guests newsfeed is filled with their friends and business pages posts so adding a picture will help your vacation rental brand stand out from the clutter!

4. Create a personal Facebook page

If you really want to fully understand the latest trends on Facebook then create yourself a personal account and join the rest of the world if you haven’t already got one. This will not only allow you to gain an experience from the users perspective but also allow you to keep an eye on competition and how other users are innovating online.

So there you have it! A  blog on Facebook tips and tricks to get ahead of the competition and increase your Facebook engagement.

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