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The Edge of Your Empire : New Destinations for 2015

Where are the new up and coming destinations for vacation rentals?

Some destinations or cities immediately connote the idea of holidays. Mauritius, Barbados, the Seychelles. Some cities can do this too. Paris and New York have an instant aura of excitement and interest for travellers. Other destinations struggle to create this immediate association. But things are changing.

Whereas London, Paris and New York are perennials, they are expensive, crowded and people have already ticked them off their lists of places to visit. We’re looking at the cities and destinations that VR managers are thinking about expanding their businesses into. Countries and cities that once seemed unappealing or even dangerous for travellers are now becoming safer and more accessible. Tourist boards are working to improve the image of their destinations and introduce tourism as a major industry. Today we look at places that are not primarily known for their tourist appeal but are looking to change this in the upcoming years and could be profitable new destinations for vacation rental businesses. Investment opportunities abound.


With some lingering security concerns Iran may not be ready for the influx of mass tourism just yet but the seedlings are starting to sprout. There are tour providers that provide security, insurance and local expertise. The US and Australia deems most areas safe enough for travel. Iran has the rich culture and natural attractions to become an appealing destination. It may be an option for future development or investment as it becomes safer and more accessible for international tourism.


Panama City

A Newly emerging destination in the vibrant setting of Central America that has captured the elusive aura of ‘cool’. With an individual style and culture, coupled with a New Orleans Mardi Gras atmosphere, Panama City has retained the charm and authenticity of its original design and is now adding designer shops and high quality restaurants. It of course, also boasts the eponymous canal.


Famed locally for its creamy, off-white phone boxes, this Northern English shipping town may not be the most well known of UK destinations. However, the city is taking bold steps to emerge as a shining light of UK tourism. It is European City of Culture for 2017, the home of the world’s only submarium and boasts the third longest single-span suspension bridge in the world. The marina was designed to reinvigorate the city much as Barcelona’s did. The current gentrification and development of the old fruit markets surrounding this marina is set to transform the area into a center for art and culture. Whist always consigned to suffer from the notoriously unpredictable British weather, Hull also has links to some remarkable stretches of coastline with surprisingly clear waters, natural geography and a rich fossil history.


Stunning natural scenery with increased travel links to mainland Europe. Glaciers, mountains and volcanoes have created a unique landscape. Natural wonders such as the Northern Lights are going to be constant attractions, as is the cosmopolitan allure of Reykjavik. Individual, remarkable experiences are taking prominence over traditional sun trap holidays and Iceland is a perfect example of this. As the most sparsely populated country in Europe there is sufficient space to build and rent striking properties amongst the undulating backdrop.


Increasing levels of stability and safety in the last twenty years have revitalised the county for its inhabitants and now is becoming a viable option for tourism. Virunga national park has been opened to cater for mid-price accommodation that could be perfect for vacation rentals. Natural habitats for gorillas and conservation centers can work hand in hand with tourism to attract visitors and generate money to these projects.

These locations are just some of the areas we think will make great destinations in the upcoming years. Cities and even countries can dramatically transform their appeal surprisingly quickly.

Do you have properties in any of these locations or would you consider expanding your business into these areas?

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