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Create a Vacation Rentals Ad That Shines Above the Rest

Advertising on vacation rental websites should be on top of your business agenda as a vacation home owner. It can help your rental to get more enquiries and subsequently a larger number of guests. A good ad needs to possess the qualities of being precise, genuine, attractive, and sufficiently informative. Spending time on creating an awesome advertisement is well worth it. Here is how you make an ordinary ad extraordinary:Property Listing Tips Image

1) Let Pictures Do the Talking

You may have heard this a dozen times and may also have incorporated a good number of your rental’s photographs in your ads, but there is always a need to re-consider the existing pictures and take them to perfection. Take snaps at different levels of light, during different seasons, and ones that highlight your home’s best features, shows the positioning of your property relative to nearby areas of tourist importance or those which provide a glimpse of the outside views available from different rooms of the rental; incorporate all these in your ad.

Along with adding great pictures, what is important to a vacation rental ad is the arrangement of those pictures. Putting them on randomly appears commonplace and not particularly appealing. You can bring in creative ideas on arranging pictures in nice albums, or placing them strategically in a manner that shows the best ones first, in order to engross a viewer from the very beginning.

2) Make Things Easy for Your Prospective Guests

The function of your ad is best served if it provides all the information that a client needs before contacting you for a booking. You risk losing the customer’s interest if you give incomplete or hard to view information in the advertisement. So, try and provide all information that a guest would want to know about your vacation rental. And do so in an easily comprehensible way, for example, you should provide concise information in the form of bullet points and avoid long descriptions where possible. If your guests find what they want effortlessly, they’ll be more likely to stick to your page and make an immediate enquiry.

3) Include the Best of Your Reviews and Customer Feedbacks in the Ad

If your rental has got a good rating from any magazine, column, or a happy guest, make sure you quote it in the ad at a prominently visible position. Maintaining a guest book is a great idea, and you can use positive comments from different kinds of customers in the advertisements.

4) Write about the City and Areas near Your Vacation Home

You can entice customers by mentioning the lesser known facts about your vacation city/town. Tell them about the nearby places and how accessible they would be from your rental. You can also give a general idea of tourist activities near your place, the best times to visit, how to reach, etc. These things make you appear more concerned, genuine, and quality oriented, leading the customer to have a stronger belief in you than the other renters.

While making an ad for your rental home focus on quality and maintain a professional standard. Keep in mind all of the above mentioned points and infuse into them your own creativity to make an outstanding advertisement!

This guest post was written by Suzanne Evans, Sr. Communication Manager working for, a website which connects property managers and home owners with travelers who seek space, value and amenities of vacation rental homes as an alternative to hotels.

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