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Courses and Workshops: How to Build Value into Your Business

The vacation rental market opened up thousands of people to the opportunity they had to earn money from the space in their homes, and their holiday homes. But, what if there was more that you could be doing? What if there was a way you could increase your numbers of guests and make the experience at your property even more enjoyable for them?


Today we are going to explore a way you can open your property up to multiple groups of guests and maximise revenue from just a single day or a weekend. You can do this by adding value to your business by offering tours, classes or workshops. They could be in anything you can imagine, anything that you have a talent in, or that fits with the character of the area you are renting in. These courses can be booked directly from your site, or you could work together with local craft companies to host their courses and classes on your property.

We have seen vacation rentals that offer classes in Italian cooking, Tango and flower arranging. These can be added as part of your guests’ stay, or you could organise tickets to be sold to multiple sets of guests without requiring them to stay at the property. By hosting events or workshops, you can generate extra revenue from the increased value you are providing and allowing your guests to personalise their trip.

If it is just for a day you can bring in larger groups that would not be able to book your property for overnight stays. For example, you’d be able to host a larger number of guests for some sort of class or workshop than you could if they were staying overnight, especially if you have outside space to make use of. If you have the beautiful setting, why not put it to its maximum potential?

You can then turn your website into a one-stop station where your guests can build their ideal holiday around their tastes and preferences. Creating offers based around an activity or class  would also be an ideal gift where the recipient doesn’t have to plan or do anything other than enjoy themselves. Guests could book a weekend, or longer, and the courses or experiences that they want before they even arrive.

This is also a way to interact with the local community and demonstrate the unique skills and trades of the area and help to maintain the individual character of your area and property. It also provides a way to generate revenue when you have single, unbooked days left in otherwise busy periods. You could devote one such day to one of these courses and run it during the day, allowing you enough time to prepare for your guests when it is finished.

Adds a new dimension to people’s trips by giving them something to take home such as an experience with an expert, where they create something and get a glimpse into the industry and traditions that were brooked from the local area and people.

Here are some of the themed trips and classes you could start to offer at your property:

  • Art Lessons
    You could even end up with some handsome watercolours to feature on your website.


  • Yoga Retreat
    If you have good weather and outside space then a yoga class could be the perfect way to utilise it.


    • Murder Mystery
      The classic ‘whodunit’ story that everyone can participate in. Family orientated and memorable
  • Cooking Classes
    Perfect to showcase the way of life in your local area that gives your guest an experience that they are bound to enjoy.


    • Literary Tours
      Themed weekends based on the legends and stories of the local area. Dracula was set in Whitby and many places there offer tours of the area that combine local knowledge with the landmarks made famous by the book. Are there any books or films that make your local area famous?

If you have the expertise, you could try to run the events yourself. But if not, you can always hire outside professionals and build the expense into your business model.

Vacation rentals just seem so suited to learning a new skill or a craft. They have long attracted travellers that search for a more authentic experience. Opening up your property for classes and courses is a way you can capitalise on this and create memorable experiences for your guests.

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