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Branding Your Vacation Rental Business

What is branding? Apparently it is a few colors, a name and maybe a picture of some sort and ‘ping’ just like an instant message you are all set to go. So that should make increasing bookings for your vacation rental business easy? Branding is just as valuable and important to your vacation rental business as your customer. Why? because it is the first impression of your vacation rental business and we all know that first impressions count!

You put all your time and effort to showcase your beautiful properties so your customers have an unforgettable and enjoyable stay in their chosen destination. So here are our top tips on branding your vacation rental business to increase bookings.  Making your first impressions count! It’s what we like doing here at Kigo.




Let’s get our paint brushes out!

Why is color relevant? colors make people feel in a certain way. That might be calm, energized, positive or negative. Also choosing the right colour can be the difference between your vacation rental business getting noticed over your competitors. Always ensure you investigate and research on your competitors colors. Try your best not to look to similar but remain relevant to the vacation rental industry. Choose up to a  maximum of three colors that go well together. If you use more than three colors this won’t make your brand recognizable or memorable. Let’s take Pure Villas for example they have used two colors that is related to their logo and these two colors are used throughout the whole website.

Brand Identity

Would you wear dark denim with light denim? Color clashing across all your promotional materials is a classic branding mistake. This can happen in small businesses, sometimes even in medium sized businesses. Your offline and online presence across your advertising media should be consistent and personalized to your vacation rental business. This will make your brand memorable which is key to creating impacts in your marketing campaigns to increase bookings.

To create a lasting impression your target audience must see your brand message more than five times in a day. With more consumers buying online, always ensure your website design is in line with the rest of your promotional materials. In vacation rental businesses your website is not only the first impression. It is an avenue to create more impacts by directing them to social media sites to follow or like you!

Who are your customers? Are they consumers who would spend that little bit more or consumers looking for a budget holiday. How you advertise your vacation rental business will determine your brand reputation. In comparison to your competitors by your target audience. Always ensure that your brand image in portrayed correctly  in your copy, images and materials. This will make your vacation rental business relevant and attractive to your target audience. So your customer expectations are as realistic as possible.

Use Kigo’s portal partners to specifically target the audience that is relevant to your brand. These portal partners can expose your brand to consumers with the click of a button that would otherwise take you time to attract.

Keep it simple

Simplicity can go a long way in today's competitive and overcrowded market. Being memorable is a complex job and it is not easy. There's so much choice for potential guests on the types of holidays and accommodation they wish to choose. This is why it is even more important for you to make your brand as eye catching as possible. Keep your straplines, slogans and selling points worded in the most simple way. AvenueStory is a good example of this, looking at their website you can clearly see it's logo and then their slogan ‘apartments for holiday and business travel’ making is clear what they are offering. So after all those chocolates this Easter you now have some top tips to get back to business!

If you are interested in operating your own vacation rental website complete with a beautiful reservation system, we will be more than happy to help. You can request a demo from our website or call us directly: +34 93 1980 697

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