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The benefits of being an ethical vacation rental brand

So how many properties do you own or manage? and where are they located? why does this matter the key is to get your availability calendars filled up! Here at Kigo we want you to get your calendars filled up too but at the same time we want you to have longer term success and this involves your brand image. So today we are talking about how to make your vacation rental home ethical and why it will benefit your vacation rental business.


Why being ethical will benefit your vacation rental property

Adopting an ethical policy within your vacation rental could differentiate you from the competition. Acknowledging the need to minimise any harm associated with your vacation rental brand whilst will enable you to become a positive force within the local communities of where your vacation rental is located.

Ethical actions can deliver genuine commercial benefits to your vacation rental business including a positive customer perception, your vacation rental business will be viewed positively within the community not only by the locals but by your guest who has booked your vacation rental property. A commitment to recycling or carbon reduction can become part of a virtuous circle that ultimately brings down costs.

How to make your vacation rental business ethical  

Follow your neighborhood rules and ensure that your vacation rental home is doing what the locals do and abiding by the rules, they may have recycling policies in place. You vacation rental managers and owners need to ensure that these rules are being followed by your guests. This can also be used as a selling point, your vacation rental business will be perceived positively by your guests and it can also help you gain more bookings. So there you have it a blog on the benefits of making your vacation rental home ethical!

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