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Beat Hotels with the Best Vacation Rental Website Template

In the age of Airbnb and other listing platforms, some industry observers believe that vacation rentals will overtake hotels by 2020.

But as a vacation rental management company, can you afford to wait until then? 

The best way to beat hotels at their own game is to study their mistakes and learn from them.


Hotel Website Design Flaws Decrease Bookings

The author of a recent Tnooz article "Top 10 mistakes hotel websites make with design and usability" stated:

"Start making your website perform better. It’s hard to remember that these small things can matter more than the expensive design things, but do not give in to marketing peer pressure. Usability beats trends."

The article explored common hotel website design and usability flaws that turn guests away and decrease bookings. Some of the worst website design offenses mentioned were:

  • Missing phone numbers and contact information
  • Taglines that contained nothing of value to the reader
  • Music or video that plays automatically
  • Poor navigation
  • Poor quality video or photos
  • Hard-to-use booking engines

Vacation Rental Website Designs that Outperform Hotels

What lessons can be learned from all this?

Vacation rental management companies should review their websites to ensure they do not fall prey to poor design and usability issues.

A conversion-optimized, beautifully designed website that showcases your properties working with your website booking software that makes it easy for your guests to book with you.

You want your website to work well for your guests and work well for your business processes. This is where Kigo's website design templates can benefit your business.

Vacation Rental Website Templates

A Kigo website design informs guests, drives bookings and integrates seamlessly with your Kigo account. It is mobile responsive, which means it provides a high-quality guest user experience whether your guests access it with a desktop computer or a mobile device. Better yet, Kigo website design packages are affordably priced, with multiple options that will fit any budget.

vacation rental website template
Kigo's website designs are mobile responsive.

Emanuele Natella, Volalto Group, notes about Kigo's website designs:

"The platform is very user-friendly and the templates for the web pages are really great looking. Technical support answers really fast and you are able to contact via Skype as well and that makes it so much easier. The Kigo platform has given us a lead among the other rental agencies in our country and we are extremely happy with the results."

Website Design Matters

Want to see how Kigo can increase bookings and profit with website designs that convert? Simply schedule your no-obligation, web-based demo at your convenience.

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