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9 Perfect Winter Additions

Welcome Your Guests in from the Cold

Marketing winter destinations is a tough sell. If you’re not close to a ski slope or in the southern hemisphere, it’s probably your slower season. There is a long lull between the end of the summer and the peak over the holidays and the new year for people looking to book vacation rental properties. A winter break can be appealing but your property needs to be warm and inviting in order to attract guests. Your photos and the descriptions in your copy need to present your properties as the perfect place to come and retreat from the cold. Vacation rentals have the chance to present their soul and individuality and be the most welcoming places for guests to return to.

Today, we’re going through 9 small things you can add to your property to make it that little bit more appealing for travellers looking for a winter break.

1.Blankets and Throws
A throw or colorful blanket over your furniture adds an extra layer of warmth, and makes your pictures stand out from your page. Colour and warmth should be what a guest first notices from your property. Just as guests booking during the summer want to see bright blues and yellows shining from your website, adding throws or blankets is a great way to make your property and images more autumnal.

2. Cast Iron Cookware
Having a kitchen and the ability to cook is a big plus for many vacation rental guests. A good quality cast iron pan is the perfect way to cook something warm and hearty, plus it’s durable enough to last for years. We see plenty of guest reviews and blogs that bemoan the lack of high quality, or even usable kitchenware. If your guests chose your property because they want to be able to cook, having the right tools is essential.

3. An Open Fire
This one might not be as simple an additional as some of the other items on this list but if you have the option for an open fire, make sure it’s featured front and centre. This is the time to get the chimney swept and split some logs. A flue will need cleaning once a year so make sure it’s ready for  A roaring fire makes a great centrepiece for you photos or slideshow on your website.

4. Umbrellas: Just in Case
Just a nice touch for any guests that may have forgotten to bring one. Having a few umbrellas in your property and letting your guests that they are free to use is one less problem for anyone on a holiday where good weather is not guaranteed. It’s a small addition that shows you are thinking about your guests and putting yourself in their shoes during their trip.

5. Gloves
As well as making your property inviting to return to, a few touches to help your guests venture out into the wild will also go far. It’s only a small gesture and you probably won’t convert many guests on this alone, but, it’s often the small touches that people remember and think about when booking their next property.

6. A Smart Thermostat
Digitally control the temperature and save money. A smart thermostat will let you set the perfect temperature and then remember your preferences, meaning you’re not wasting heat or letting your guests get cold.

7. Winter Bedding
Now is the time to add layer, pillows and throws to your beds. Thick, down covers are one of the best things about winter and will make your property look comfortable and charming.

8. Remove Outdoor Gear
Your property will look odd if you have a hammock or lawn chair left out to freeze in the summer. It will seem as if you haven’t made any changes to accommodate for the season and that your property is not suited for winter.

9. Winter Activities
You will know better than anybody what there is to do in your area during the colder months. Why not write a post about the best things for your guests to do on their winter vacation and some of the local events happening. You can draw in people looking for winter break ideas to your site; your picture and descriptions will then do the rest!

These 9 tips and products are great ways to re-brand your properties as winter destinations. One of the most important things to remember is to update your site and portals whenever you make changes to your properties. You need to let your guests know. With Kigo you can manage these updates across all of your portals from one solution, meaning your properties will always be fresh and up to date for all types of guests.

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